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These links are to other websites you may find of interest - other international road sites, discussion groups or road-related articles. If you're looking for websites dedicated to the UK road network, take a look at the list of SABRE Member Sites. SABRE is officially neutral on issues relating to transport and road safety policy and the inclusion of a website on this page does not imply any endorsement by SABRE.

UK Road Network
The UK Motorway Archive - an excellent history of British Motorways from their initial concept through to the modern day
Design Manual for Roads and Bridges - the official guide to building a road... all 15 lever-arch folders' worth!
Traffic Signs Regs and General Directions 2002 - another official publication, relating to permitted signs
Highways Agency - the first stop for any major project in England.
Lancashire Historic Motorways - fascinating historical accounts of the county's road-building
Insititute of Civil Engineers - a rather technical viewpoint on road construction!
Roundabouts of Britain - the company that published the "Roundabouts of Redditch" calendar.
Traffic Scotland - the Scottish Executive road website.
On the road in Scotland - comprehensive GPS-linked pictures across the North West!
Highway Maintenance - everything you ever wanted to know about maintaining roads!
Motorway Map - in the style of Chris M and Tom's efforts to map the motorway network as a Tube map, this is an amusing and interesting page

International Roads
Irish Roads - information and trivia about the main routes in the Republic of Ireland, plus a summary of the road network in Northern Ireland
SARA - the French equivalent of SABRE, also with an active forums section (in French, of course)
Historic California US Highways - a tour of the roads that used to traverse the Golden State
Kurumi - American site with a roadsign simulator and interchange dictionary
Roundabout Safety in America - spot the reversed pictures!
Autobahn Online - a German site with lots of statistics about their network
Verkehrs-Notizen - German site with interesting picture tours of roads in Austria and the USA
Which side of the road do they drive on? - fascinating site detailing which side of the road every country drives on. Those who believe the UK is a rare anomaly may be surprised to learn that about a third of the world's population drives on the left.
Monterie - fantastic website on the world's different road numbering systems
The Roads of Israel - a website devoted to information about the Israeli road system, classification, and history
M1's Roads Photos - collection of pictures of modern roads in China
Motorway Signs - a collection of photos from around the world
Motorway Exit Lists - currently under construction with lists of motorways in most countries
Ozroads - The largest Australian website devoted to Australian highways and route numbering

Street Furniture
The Milestone Society - aiming to catalogue the UK's remaining milestones
Midland Counties Street Lighting - a wealth of streetlighting information and photos, run by SABRE member Claire Pendrous

Miscellaneous Road Links
Life, the Universe and Everything - the Hitchhiker's Guide to Transport on Earth
Tri-ang Minic Motorways - a 1960s toy, preserved forever on the Web
How Motorways Work - what the Highway Code doesn't tell you
Roadside Advertisements - with pictures mainly from France and Belgium
Traffic Jam Theory - ever wondered why the jam disappears before you reach the front of it?
The Degree Confluence Project - off-topic, but nevertheless interesting site for those with GPS receivers and digital cameras!
Boring Squares - is the OS trying to take over the world? Some would think so...

Mapping and Route-Planning Websites
Digimap - you need to register to get in, but contains amazingly detailed maps of the UK.
Via Michelin - excellent route-planner, even for the UK.
Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside - with 1:10000 scale maps of most places in England.
Maps and Route-Planners - covering the UK and abroad.
Multimap - excellent source of maps and route-planning advice.
Get-a-map - mapping from the Ordnance Survey down to 1:25000 scale
Streetmap - this site has OS maps at 1:50000 scale.
Google Maps - innovative use of click-and-drag technology from Google
OpenStreetMap - open source map project that welcomes user contributions
Windows Live Local - includes detailed aerial photos of most areas of the UK, with map overlays
New Popular Edition Maps - comprehensive collection of OS one-inch maps from the 1940s covering all of England and Wales
Charles Close Society - established society for enthusiasts of Ordnance Survey maps - includes some online mapping
Maps of Scotland - going back several hundred years
Strange Maps - a fascinating blog looking at unusual and fantastic maps from around the world

Campaigning Sites
The Alliance of British Drivers - campaigns for a fair deal for UK motorists
City Transport - looking at pro-choice perspectives on urban transport
Travel Tax - the campaign against the government plans for nationwide vehicle tracking and road charging, which was supported by over 1.8 million people in a Downing Street petition
PepiPoo - "helping the motorist to get justice": offers advice on how to defend motoring prosecutions
National Alliance Against Tolls - campaigns against all existing and planned tolls, "road pricing" and "congestion charging"
SpeedLIMIT - focuses on issues relating to driving and road safety, with particular reference to the North West of England, maintained by SABRE member Peter Edwardson
Campaign for Better Transport - formerly Transport 2000, proposing a more "sustainable" future of transport through greater public transport provision

SABRE Members' sites (not in the Portal)
ADI Forum - a forum for learner drivers and instructors.
OS Map Dating - Lez Watson's website cataloguing the dates of publication of different OS maps
Weston-super-Mare Photo Tour - along the A371, by Chris McKenna
Transport Yorkshire Preservation Group - a collection of preserved buses originally new to West Yorkshire PTE, run by James Fairchild

Other Transport Links
Light Rail Transit Association - useful website on light rail around the world
Railway and Canal Historical Society - the SABRE of canals?
Urban Rail - a very comprehensive site on metro systems around the world
World Metro Systems - featuring maps of many cities' systems
Maps of Subways - continuing the theme, maps of cities' systems at the same scale - useful for comparison!
Always Touch Out - a site dedicated to London's transport projects
Skyscraper City - a large forum dealing with wider urban issues as well as skyscrapers
Local Transport Today - reports from a transport magazine available online.
Petrol Prices - very useful site - particularly given the current high fuel prices - showing the cheapest petrol stations in your local area
The Unofficial Austin-Rover Web Resource - SABRE is not a "car" site, but this is a truly fascinating site covering the development history of BMC/Leyland/Austin/Rover cars from the Mini to the company's demise in 2005
SniffPetrol - an unashamedly politically incorrect humorous look at the car world
Road Supervisors - looking at the problem of road crashes through a technological lens
Advanced Driving - everything you need to know about advanced driving. Includes an active discussion forum

Miscellaneous Links
Dull Men's Club - strangely apt for many Sabristi
British Weights and Measures Association - defending the use of traditional British measures, often a subject of lively debate on SABRE
UK Metric Association - supporting the expansion of the metric system

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