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From:Horsted (TQ748650)
To:Chatham (TQ756677)
Length:1.8 miles (2.9 km)
Meets: A229, A2
Now part of:A229
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A230 Bridgewood Gate - Horsted
A230 Horsted - Chatham


Barely two miles long, the A230 must be one of the shortest 3-digit roads anywhere. It used to be a whole mile longer in days of old, when it branched off the A229 at a little junction called Bridgewood Gate on the outskirts of Chatham, the latter road taking what is now the B2097 route down into Rochester. A new route into Rochester was laid out in the 1930s, so the A230 was shorn of its southern third.

Horsted - Chatham

Maidstone Road, Chatham

The A230 now leaves the A229 at Horsted College, near Rochester Airport. Bridgewood Gate, meanwhile, has now transmogrified into a vast GSJ involving the M2, A229 and much else.

Anyway, back to the A230: from the college it rolls gently down into Chatham along the Maidstone Road, past Chatham Town F.C. and much Victorian housing, soon to reach Chatham Station where traffic lights usually mean long queues. There's still some pre-Worboys signage hereabouts. Finally it passes under the A2 (New Road) and ends somewhere on the Chatham one-way system (also numbered A2), exactly where remaining a touch enigmatic. Not over-scenic, one has to admit.

Original Author(s): Simon Mold

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