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From:Rainham (TQ796664)
To:Bredhurst (TQ801628)
Length:2.5 miles (4 km)
Meets: A2, M2
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Route outline (key)
A278 Rainham - Bredhurst
This article is about the current A278, a road in the Medway Towns area between Rainham and Bredhurst.
For the original A278, which ran between East Grinstead and Horsham,, see A278 (East Grinstead - Horsham)


The A278 number is used for the A2-M2 link east of the Medway towns, and was built in conjunction with the M2 project, though it opened some years after the motorway. It used to be marked as a trunk road on 1970s maps, but that is not the case nowadays: it's non-primary all the way, albeit a dual-carriageway.

Rainham - Bedhurst

Hoath Way A278

There's very little to say about this road, except to say that it is often choc-a-bloc with folk making use of the Hempstead Valley shopping centre; oh, and it does lead to Gillingham ice rink. It leaves the A2 at a roundabout by the business park, and runs for 3 miles or so to the motorway, bisecting the villages of Hempstead and Wigmore on the way. It ends at M2 J4, a roundabout interchange with only the three roads (A278 and both directions of the motorway) leading off it. And that's about it – though it does share with its close neighbour, the A289, the distinction of being a dual-carriageway throughout its entire length. Not even the A1 can boast that!

JunctionsGillingham Interchange
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