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From:Popham (SU551446)
To:Upottery (ST218075)
Length:95 miles (152.9 km)
Meets: M3, A34, A338, A36, A350, A37, A358, A30
Former Number(s):A30, B3049, A342, A344, A3036, A372, A358
Highway Authorities

Highways Agency

Traditional Counties

Devon • Dorset • Hampshire • Somerset • Wiltshire

Route outline (key)
A303 Popham - Upottery
This article is about the current A303, which is a trunk road from the M3 at Popham to a junction with the A30 near Honiton.
For the original, a small London road which ran between Vauxhall and Wandsworth and was replaced by the A3036, see A303 (Vauxhall - Wandsworth)



The A303 is the middle section of the London-Exeter trunk road. The A303 takes a more northerly route though Salisbury plain than the A30 and it is mostly D2. Passing places like Andover, Stonehenge and Wincanton, it also carries much of the Summer traffic from London.


The Amesbury bypass in 2007
Main Article: A303/Route

The A303 has a variety of standards along its route. From a high quality grade-separated dual-carriageway in the east, it ends up as a winding single-carriageway road in the west, with various standards in between. The route description examines them.


Main Article: A303/History

The current A303 began life in 1933, cobbling together various different roads to make a coherent through route. Made up of lots of various roads, some dating to 2000 BC in the Stonehenge area, it has had a vast array of improvements. When the M3 opened, the A303 and not the A30 became the main trunk road between Basingstoke and Devonshire House.

Notable locations and improvements

Bullington Cross

The westbound Fork sign
Main Article: Bullington Cross

The first major junction for the A303 after the M3 going West, Bullington Cross is a major junction. This is where the A30 leaves the A303 behind and is also the junction for the A34.

Stonehenge Bottom

The junction in 2010
Main Article: Stonehenge Bottom

Stonehenge Bottom was the junction for Stonehenge and the A344. It was very busy throughout the year, especially around the time of the Solstice. The junction was closed in June 2013.

Podimore Roundabout

The junction in a wet April 2008
Main Article: Podimore Roundabout

Podimore Roundabout links the A303, the A37 and A372 near Ilchester. It is flared for future grade separation.

Opening Dates

Month Year Section Notes
1933 Whole road A303 created.
April 1958 Whole road Gains trunk road status
Sept 12 1969 Andover D2 by-pass opens
1986 Weyhill D2 by-pass opens
August 12 1969 Amesbury D2 by-pass
Mere D2 by-pass
March 8 1977 Wincanton D2 by-pass
Sparkford D2 by-pass
July 19 1988 Ilminster S2 bypass of Ilminster.
1976 Marsh D2 by-pass



All of the A303 westbound, sped up

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CrossingsA303 Bridge • Amesbury Bypass Bridge • Marsh Bridge • Petherton Bridge • Zeals Bypass Bridge
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