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Sandbox: 1920s Renumbering

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This is a draft set of raw data to tabulate, date and put into a proper page


New Roads 1924 - 1932

Feel free to add to this list, but make sure that

  1. The route is the first use of that number - ever
  2. The route appeared before the numbering revision on 1st April 1933 - which is as far as I'm aware the first occasion on which roads were deliberately given out of sequence numbers to make them more memorable eg: A303, B3420
  3. Where possible, use destination points that appear in official MOT documentation

A Roads


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


1/4/23? A1065	Barton Mills - Fakenham				B1110 (part)
	A1066	Thetford - South Lopham - Diss	- Suston Common	B1111, B1131 (part)
	A1067	Norwich - Bawdeswell - Guist - Fakenham		B1148
	A1068	Pegswood Moor - Widdrington - Amble - Alnwick	B1337
1/4/24  A1069	Chingford - Warren Hill				-
	A1070   Link in Colchester                              B1026
	A1071	Newton - Boxford - Hadleigh - Ipswich		B1069
	A1072	Stretham - Haddenham - Witcham			B1085 (part), B1087
	A1073	Eye - Crowland - Spalding			B1165, B1040 (part)
	A1074	Norwich Outer Ring Road				-
	A1075	Donington - Drayton - Junction with A154	B1180
	A1076	Gunness - Scunthorpe				-
	A1077	Scuththorpe - Winterton - South Ferriby -	B1217
	A1078	Guide Post - Ashington				B1333
18/7/24	A1079	Boroughbridge - York - Beverley - Hull		A66
1/4/25	A1080	West Green - Tottenham Roundway			A108	This is A108 on the 1926 maps - reckon a different routing than this one.
	A1081	Woodford - Gants Hill				-
	A1082   Link at Whipps Cross                            B160 (part)
	A1083	Ilford - Becontree Heath			B176
	A1084	Brigg - Caistor					B1209
	A1085	Middlesbrough - Redcar (New Road)		A1041
	A1086	Easington - West Hartlepool			A180 (?)
	A1087	Broxton - Dunbar - Beltonford			B1345
1/4/26	A1088	Woolpit - Ixworth - Thetford Bridge		B1112
	A1089	Little Thurrock - Chadwell St Mary		-
	A1090	Loop at Purfleet				A126
	A1091	Link at Writtle joining A122 and A414		B1006
	A1092	Wixoe - Clare - Long Melford			B1062
	A1093	Junction with A139 - Brightwell - Martlesham	B1080
	A1094	Friday Street - Aldeburgh			B1121 (part), B1122 (part)
	A1095	Junction with A12 - Southwold			B1123 (part)
	A1096	Acle - Great Yarmouth				B1140
        A1097   Louth (St Mary's Lane)
	A1098	Greenland Farm - Cleethorpes			-
1/4/27  A1099   Link in Chelmsford                              -
	A1100	Washbrook - Great Blakenham			B1074
	A1101	Bury St Edmunds - Mildenhall - Litleport -	B1101
		Welney - Outwell
	A1102	Lincoln Ring Road				-
	A1103	Kingerby Wood - Usselby Plantation		B1204
	A1104	Ulceby Cross - Alford - Matlby le Marsh	-	B1197 (part), B1196 (part), B1199
	A1105	Hessle - Hull					-
1/4/28  A1106	Link in Spalding                                -
	A1107	Burnmouth - Eyemouth - Cockburnspath		B1343
1/4/29  A1109   South Bank - Grangetown
1/4/30	A1110   New Southgate - Bounds Green                    -   Under construction on the 1923 MOT Two Inch
	A1112	Romford - Chigwell Row - Woolston Hall		B174 (part)
	A1113   Chelmsford - Springfield                        A12
	A1114	Ipswich Bypass					-
	A1115	Spilsby - Junction with A158			B1372
	A1116	Bungay - Beccles				A145
	A1117	Oulton Broad - Blundeston			B1129
        A1118   Link in Lowestoft
1/4/32? A1120   Link in Cambridge (Fen Causeway,
                Lensfield Road, Conville Place, East Road)      B1046 and new build
1/4/33	A1122	Outwell - Swaffham Heath			A47
        A1123   Huntingdon - Soham                              B1085
1/4/34  A1124   Colchester (Greenstead Road)                    A133


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


1/4/24?	A289	Strood - Wainscott				-
	A290	Whitstable - Canterbury				B2042
	A291	Herne Bay - Sturry				B2044
	A292	Link in Ashford (Magazine Road)			B2072
	A293	Brighton - Hove - Aldrington			-
	A294	Bognor - Chichester				B2143 (part)
1/4/25	A295	Bexleyheath Bypass	                        -
	A296	Link in Dartford between A226 and A2		A2
1/4/27	A297	Morden - Sutton - Belmont			A217
	A298	Raynes Park - Kingston Bypass			-
1/4/28	A299	Faversham - Whitstable - Herne Bay - Upstreet	B2040 (part), B2045
        A2012   Link in Orpington (Spur Road)                   -
        A2013   Former A20 in Farlingham                        A20
?/?/28  A2014   Former A20 in Wrotham                           A20
        A2015   Bellingham - Beckenham                          B230
        A2016   Link in Erith (Fraser Road)                     B251      Is there continuity with present route? It seems the A206 and A2016 flipped in the 70s or something.
        A2017   North Street, Strood                            -
	A2018   Shepherds Lane, Dartford                        A210
	A2019   ?
	A2020   ?
        A2021   Willingdon - Eastbourne                         -
1/4/34	A2022	Kingsfold - Northlands				B2132
	A2023	Brighton (Hove Street and Sackville Road)	B2124
	A2024	West of Climping - Chichester			B2144
	A2025   N Lancing - S Lancing                           B2125 
	A2026   Ewell						A24, A240 (number from 60s atlas but bypass is 30s)
	A2027	Steven's Crouch - Junction w A271 nr Boreham St	B2097
        A2028   ?
        A2029   ?Link in Lewes?


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


1/4/23	A3049	Western Road, Cosham				-
1/4/24	A3050	Walton-on-Thames - Weybridge			B370
	A3051	Botley - Fisher's Pond				B3036
	A3052	Salisbury - Cholderton -  Shipton Bellinger	B3085
	A3053	Bradford-on-Avon - Melksham			B3104
	A3054	Newport - Yarmouth - Freshwater			B3322 (part)
	A3055	Freshwater - Shorwell - Ventor - Shanklin -	B3325
	A3056	Blackwater - Shanklin				B3326
1/4/25	A3057	Southampton - Romsey - Andover			B3042
	A3058	St Austell - Brighton - Newquay			B3278
	A3059	St Columb Major - St Columb Minor		B3281
	A3060	Mount Charles - Charlestown
	A3061	St Austell (Victoria Rd, East Hill, Truro Rd)
1/4/26	A3062	Link At Hook Common				A287
	A3063	Link in Kingston				A3
	A3064	Link in Maidenhead				-
	A3065	Hare Hatch - Twyford - Sonning			A4
	A3066	Bridport - Beaminster - Minsterton -		B3161
		Haselbury Plucknett
	A3067	Southampton (Burgess Road)			unclass
	A3068	Lymington - Christchurch			B3054 (part)
	A3069	Lymington - Lyndhurst				B3056
	A3070	Axminster - Lyme Regis				B3165 (part)
	A3071	Axminster (Stoney Lane)
	A3072	Hatherleigh - Holsworthy - Stratton		B3216 (part)
	A3073	North of Cove - Bampton				A396
	A3074	Hayle - St Ives					B3306 (part)
1/4/27	A3075	Newquay - Trevissome				B3283
	A3076	Truro - Mitchell - Gummow's Shop		B3280
	A3077	Penzance - Trereife				B3314, B3315 (part), B3316 (part)
1/4/28	A3078	Plympton- Saltash				B3246
1/4/29	A3079	Ilminster - Upottery				B3169, B3170 (part)
        A3080	Bath (Cleveland Bridge)				-
	A3081	Plymouth - Plympton				?
	A3082	Fowey Harbour - Par - St Blazey			B3272, B3271 (part)
	A3083	Helston - Lizard				B3295
1/4/30	A3084	Par - Holmbush					B3271
1/4/31	A3085	Pinhoe - Shillingford Abbott			A38 (existent 1935)
1/4/32	A3086
	A3087	Salisbury (Rampart Road)
1/4/33	A3088	Yeovil - Petherton Bridge			A358
1/4/34	A3090	Winchester - King's Worthy      		A33 (reserved)
	A3091	Winchester (Sussex Street)                      -
1/4/35	A3092	Winchester (North Walls and Eastgate Street)    B3404
	A3095	Sandhurst - Hawthorn Hill			A332, A3017
?/?/??	A3100	Guildford - Godolming				A3	on '35 map


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)

1/4/23	A4088	Willesden (Duddinghill Lane - Blackbird Hill)	B452
	A4089	Alperton - Wembley				A405	A405 moved onto under-construction route (see Times map)
	A4090	Amersham Common - Chesham Bois			-
	A4091	Wishaw - Tamworth				B4110
	A4092	Link in Smethwick (?)
	A4093	Blackmill - Tonyrefail - Tonypandy - Ystrad	B4279, B4271 (part)
1/4/24	A4094	Maidenhead - Bourne End				B3028 (part)
	A4095	Faringdon - Clanfield - Bampton - Witney -	B4020 (part), B4021, B4024, B4029, B4030 (part)
		Woodstock - Bicester
	A4096	Ryeford - Eastington - Claypits			B4070
	A4097	Birmingham (Tyburn) - Junction with A446	B4141 (part)
	A4098 	Ocker Hill - Moxley				B4164
	A4099	Halesowen - Blackheath				B4171 (part)
	A4100	Blackheath - Old Hill - Bretall Lane		B4172 (part)
	A4101	Scotts Green - Kingswinford - Greensforge	B4177
	A4102	Link in Dennis Green joining A461 and A449	B4181				-
	A4103	Worcester - Hereford				B4207
	A4104	River Severn - Upton-upon-Severn -		B4210
		Little Malvern
	A4105	Gt Malvern - Colwall Green - Junction with A48	B4217
	A4106	Laleston - Porthcawl				B4282
	A4107	Cymer - Abergwynfi				B4284
	A4108	Cymer - Glyncorrwg				B4285
	A4109	Aberdulais - Crynant - Glyn Neath		-
        A4110	Hereford (White Cross) - Mortimers Cross -	B4352
	A4111	Willersleyley - Kington				B4353
	A4112	Leominster (Barons Cross) - Parton		B4354
	A4113	Bromfield - Knighton				B4366
1/4/25	A4114	Link at Woodstock				-
	A4115	Lampeter - Aberayron				B4340
1/4/26	A4116	Cirencester - Chalford - Stroud			B4069
	A4117	Bewdley (Fingerpost) - Cleobury Mortimer -	B4200, B4364 (part)
		Clee Hill - Ludlow
	A4118	Swansea - Port Eynon				B4294
	A4119	Llandaff - Llantrisant - Tonyrefail		B4261 - B4271 (part)
	A4120	Ponterwyd - Devils Bridge - Aberystwyth		B4344
	A4121   Link in Wednesbury                              -
	A4122   Link in Southam                                 -
	A4123	Wolverhampton - Birmingham New Road (proposed)	-
	A4124	Wolverhampton - Bloxwich			B4155 (part)
	A4125	Little Mill - Abergavenney			B4245
	A4126   Monmore Green - Ettingshall - Coseley           B4162
1/4/27	A4127	Hanwell - Harrow				B358 (part)
	A4128	High Wycombe - Great Missenden			B483
1/4/28	A4129	Princes Risborough - Thame			B4011 (part)	QI Sheet 12 has A4128 but not A4129
	A4130	Harcourt Hill - Wallingford - Harwell		B4007
	A4131	Chapel End - Atherstone
	A4133	Droitwich - Ombersley - Holt Heath		B4197
	A4135	Tetbury - Dursley - Lower Cam - Cambridge	B4066
	A4136	Huntley - Mitcheldean - Staunton - Monmouth	B4233
	A4137	Whitchurch - St Owen's Cross -			B4230
		Junction with A49
	A4138	Ammanford - Llanelly				B4301, B4302
	A4139	Pembroke - Waterloo				B4321
1/4/29	A4140	
	A4141	South Hinksey - Botley				new build - extended over A40 to Eynsham when northern bypass opened.
	A4146	Hemel Hempstead					B486
	A4147	Hemel Hempstead						Note - these appear unnumbered on the 1935 half inch London map


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


1/4/23?	A598	Maghull - Scarisbrick				B5196
	A599	Earlstown - Haydock				B5208

1/4/24	A5077	Link in Uttoxeter   				B5028
	A5078	Link in Crewe					B5071
	A5079	Longsight - Didsbury				-
	A5080	Liverpool - Huyton - Cronton - Penketh		B5180
	A5081	Old Trafford - Barton upon Irwell		B5216 and new build
	A5082	Astley - Tyldesley				B5233
	A5083	Junction with A49 - Lostock Hall		u/c, B5254
	A5084	Greenodd - Lowick - Torver			B5279
	A5085	Branch to Trafford Park				B5216
	A5086	Egremont - Arlecdon - Cockermouth		B5293
	A5087	Barrow-in-Furness - Roose - Ulverston		B5282
1/4/25	A5088	Watford Bypass					new build
	A5089	Liverpool (Belmont Road, Oakfield Road,		B5188
		Walton Breck Road, Everton Valley)	
	A5090	Liverpool (Hawthorne Road)			-
	A5091	Glencoyne Park - Matterdale - Troutbeck Station	B5288
1/4/26	A5092	Barnet Bypass (Mill Hill - Hatfield)		new build
	A5093	Barnet Bypass (South of Page Street - Highgate Wood)	new build			-
	A5094	Link in Whitehaven
1/4/27	A5095	Northampton (St Peter's Bridge - Abington)	-
	A5096	Barwell Fields - Earl Shilton			B581
        A5099   Blackpool (Central Drive)                       A584
1/4/28	A5100   Edgware - Mill Hill Station                     -
	A5101   Northampton                                                           not on '32 map
	A5102	Wilmslow - Woodford - Upper Swineseye -		B5092, B5093
		Bramhall - Heaviley
post 32 A5103                                                   B5290
1935    A5104   proposed Swinton - north of Worsley             A572                  proposed '34 renumbering . On '39 map as current route that was elevation of B5104
        A5105                                                   new build: u/c in 32
1934?   A5106                                                   A580                  E Lancs Road first section opened in 34
        A5108                                                   current route not original
        A5111                                                    new build, B5xxx       first section opened 1933
        A5112                                                    A5
        A5113?                                                   current route '46 vintage
        A5114?                                                   current route '46 vintage? not on 1950 map
        A5115?                                                   current route 40s vintage
        A5116?                                                   current route 40s vintage
        A5117?                                                   new built in 30s - was it pre '35?
        A5118?                                                   current route '46 vintage? not on 1950 map
        A5119?                                                   current route '46 vintage? not on 1950 map
        A5120?                                                   on '39 map                                                   


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


1/4/23?	A6097	Junction with A46 - Loudham			B688
1/4/24	A6098	Link in Market Harborough
	A6099   Chesterfield (Local Route)                      B6046 (?)
	A6100   Sheffield (London Road (part))                  B6068
	A6101	Rivelin Bridge - Owlerton			B6075
	A6102	Sheffield Outer Ring Road			B6084
	A6103	Newton Heath - Chain Bar
	A6104	Heaton Park - Chain Bar
	A6105	Greenlaw - Duns - Berwick-upon-Tweed		B6364 (part), B6355 (part)
	A6106	Junction with A7 - Lugton - Cauldcoats -	B6374
1/4/25	A6107	Baydon Hill - Bradley				B6114 (part)
	A6108	Ripon - Masham - Leyburn - Richmond -		B6266, B6267 (part), B6269, B6270 (part)
		Scotch Corner			
1/4/26	A6109	Sheffield - Kimberworth				B6081
        A6110   Leeds Ring Road
        A6111   Wooler - Scremerston                            B6350
	A6112	Coldstream - Duns - Burnhouses			B6365
1/4/27  A6113   Link in Hyde                                    -
1/4/28	A6116	Islip - Brigstock - Stanion			B667
        A6118   Link in Wansford                                A1
        A6119   Blackburn Ring Road
	A6120	Leeds Ring Road
        A6121   Morcott - Stamford                              B672
	A6124	Fordel Park - Musselburgh			B6372
1/10/28 A6125   Newcastle (High Level Bridge - 
                Newgate Street - Percy Street)                  A1
        A6126   Newcastle (Church Street - Swing Bridge -       A184
                Grey Street)
	A6135	West of High Green - South of Birdwell


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


16/5/24 A743	Ravenstruther - Lanark				B715
	A744	Junction with A72 near Hazelbank -              B743
                Kirkmuirhill - Strathaven
16/5/25	A745    Junction with A711 near Dalbeattie -            B727
                Castle Douglas
	A746    Braehead - Whithorn - Glasserton                B734
newyear?A747    Glasserton - Port William - Glenluce            B735
	A748    ? Glasgow-Edinburgh New Road ?                  ?newbuild?
	A749    Muirkirk - Strathaven - East Kilbride -         B744
                Rutherglen - Glasgow (Farme)
	A750    Whithorn - Isle of Whithorn                     -
	A751    Clachanpluck - Invermessan                      -
newyear?A752    Kaimrig End - Moffat                            B713
	A753    Harestanes (near Blyth Bridge) - Carnwath       B714
	A754    Carstairs - Carluke                             B716
        A755    Kirkcudbright - Minto Cott                      B728
newyear?A756    Dumfries Bypass                                 -
        A757    Dunragit - Lochans                              A715
newyear?A758    Ayr - Mauchline                                 -
        A759    Troon - Loans - Kilmarnock                      B750
        A760    Largs - Kilbirnie - Lochwinnoch -               B785
                Junction with A737
        A761    Paisley - Bridge of Weir - Port Glasgow         B789, B790, B791
newyear?A762    Dalry - Kurkcudbright                           -
        A763    Camberslang - Fullarton???                      B760
        A764    Portpatrick - Knockaldie                        B738
        A765    Croseclays - Colmonell - Pinwherry Station      B739
newyear?A766    Penicuik (Shottstown) - Walstone                B706
        A767    Mid Calder - Uphall                             B707 (part)
        A768    Eskbank - Loanhead -                            B703
                Junction with A701 near New Pentland
        A769    Balmaclellan - Bogue                            -


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


16/5/24 A860    Great Cumbrae Island                            -
        A861    Drimsallie - Corran - Acharcle (Shiel Pier)     B849, B850
        A862    Inverness - Fort Augustus                       B851
        A863    Sligachan - Bracadale - Dunvegan                B883
        A864    Link in Dunvegan between A850 and A863          -
        A865    Uist (?)
        A866    Stornoway - Portnaguran                         -
        A867    Lochmaddy - Clachan                             B892 (part)
        A868    Branch to Tarbert Pier                          B898
        A869    Scalasaig - Garvard                             -
        A870    Scalasaig - Colonsay House                      -
        A871    Scalasaig - Kiloran                             -
        A872    Branch to Corran Ferry                          -
        A873    Port of Menteith - Thornhill - Blair Drummond   B825
        A875    Alderpark - Keoculloch                          -
        A876    Glasgow - Anniesland (New City Road (part),     B810, A810, newbuild
                Great Western Road)
        A877    Link in Renfrew                                 -
        A878    Link at Old Kirkpatrick                         A810 (assuming current A878)
        A879    Glasgow - Bardowie Station                      B812
        A880    Ardentinny Ferry - Strone - Rashfield           B834
        A881    Broadford - Elgol                               -
        A882    Wick - Duncansby - Thurso                       B875, B876
        A883    Camelon - Denny                                 B818 (part) on 1930 map
        A884    Carnoch - Lochaline                             B849
        A885    Dunoon - Sandbank                               B835
        A886    Strachur - Kilfinan - Tighnabruaich             B837
        A887    Invermoriston - Cluanie Bridge Inn              B852
        A888    Barra                                           -
        A889    Dalwhinnie - Laggan                             B848
        A890    Kirkton - Lochcarron - Achnasheen               B855
        A891    Junction with A803 near Antermony Loch -        B821
                Lennoxtown - Strathblane  
        A892    Callander - Dunmore Fort                        B828
        A894    Skiag Bridge - Laxford Bridge                   -
        A895    Latheron - Thurso                               B873   on 1932 map
        A896    Wick Town - Wick Harbour                        B874
16/5/33?A897    Helmsdale - Melvich                             B872   not on 1932 map
16/5/34 A899    Link in Broxburn                                A8


NEW A ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


16/5/24 A955    Kirkcaldy - Dysart - Leven - Montrave           B927
        A956    Marywell - Aberdeen                             B982
        A957    Stonehaven - Junction with A943 near Banchory   B978
        A958    Muirdrum - Forfar                               B963
        A959    Amstruther - St Andrews                         B944

        A972    Dundee Bye-pass                                 B959
        A973    Balmoral Castle - Ballater - Aboyne             B968
        A974    Davan - Tarland - Echt - Kingsford              B974
        A975    Junction with A92 - Newburgh - Port Errol -     B9005
        A976    Link in Dunfermline                             -
        A977    Tumblingbridge - Drum - Kinross                 B910
        A979    Kirkton of Oyne - Gartly Station                -
        A980    Banchory - Torphins - Lumphanan - Alford        B976
        A981    Inverurie - Oldmeldrum - New Deer - Fraserburgh B9002
        A982    Link in Edinburgh between A90 and A902          -    
        A983    Freuchie - Falkland - Auchtermuchty - Newburgh  B936
        A984    Dunkeld - Junction with A923 near Coupar Angus  B947
        A985    Clackmannan - Kincardine - Torryburn -          B911, B912
16/5/32 A990    Junction with A98 - Portgordon - Buckie         B9016 (part)

B Roads

NEW B ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)

pre-32	B191	Beacontree - Goodmayes

1/4/24	B1351   Link in Stansted Mountfitchet
	B1352	Elmstead Market - Ramsey
	B1353	Aldringham - Thorpeness
	B1354	Thursford - Aylsham - Potter Heigham
	B1355	Fakenham - Burnham Market
	B1356	Spalding (Park Road)
	B1357	Cowbitt - Moulton
	B1358	Fleet Hargate - Holbeach Clough
	B1359	Gedney - Gedney Grove End
	B1360	Link in Boston (South Street and South End)
	B1361	Immingham - Grimsby
	B1362	Hedon - Withernsea
	B1363	York - Oswaldkirk
	B1364   Scarborough (Marine Road)
	B1365	Sokesley - Coulby Manor
	B1366	Liverton Moor - Loftus
1/4/25	B1367   Link in Barking between A13 and A123
	B1368	Puckeridge - Bridgefoot - Harston
	B1369	Link in Clacton Upon Sea			A133
	B1370   Link in Great Yarmouth
	B1371	Swineshead Bridge - A154 near Boston
	B1372   Spilsby - Scremby
	B1373   Withern - Maltby le Marsh
	B1374   Link in Cleethorpes
	B1375   Link in Guisborough                             A171
	B1376   Link In Hartlepool (Middleton Road)
	B1377	East Linton - Longniddry
1/4/26	B1378   Scunthorpe - Crosby
1/4/27	B1379	Great Chesterford - Great Shelford
	B1380	Peterborough (Station - New England)
	B1381	Earith - Sutton
	B1382	Ely - Junction with A1101
	B1383   Link in Beccles
	B1384	Carlton Colville - Pakefield
	B1385   Lowestoft - Corton - Hopton
	B1386	Southery - Feltwell
	B1387   Blythburgh - Walberswick
	B1388   Little Walsingham - Blakeney
	B1389	North Walsham (King's Arms Street)
	B1390   Sutton St James - Long Sutton
	B1391	Drayton - Frampton West End
	B1392	Hubbert's Bridge - Kirton
	B1393	Boston (Brotherloft Road - Norfolk Street)
	B1394	Rookfield House - Swaton - Heckington
	B1395	Junction with A17 at Garwick - North Kyme
	B1396	Doncaster - Haxey
	B1397	Woodhall Spa (Victoria Avenue - Stanhope Avenue (part))
	B1398	Lincoln - Raventhorpe
	B1399	Bullington - Halton
	B1400	Kirton in Lindsey - Messingham
	B1401   Clee - Hall Farm
	B1402   Link in Barrow upon Humber
	B1403	Hayton - Misterton
	B1404	Houghton Spring - Seaton
	B1405	Sunderland (Ryhope Grange - Southwick)
	B1407	East Linton - Tynninghame
	B1408	Gladsmuir - Longniddry
1/4/28	B1410	Fordham - Kennet End
	B1411	Ely - Hundred Foot Drain
	B1412	Three Holes - Upwell
	B1415	Allerston - Junction with B1258
	B1416	Whitby - Ruswarp - Low Moor
        B1417	Fore End - Felsted - Blake End
	B1418	Woodham Ferrers Station - Woodham Mortimer
	B1419	Vange - Great Spenders
	B1420	Junction with A13 - Corringham
	B1421   Upminster - North Ockendon
        B1425   Link in Thornaby On Tees
1/4/33	B1427   Link in Scarborough between A64 and A165
	B1429   Cranwell - A17
	B1430   Scunthorpe - Burton upon Stather - Winterton
	B1432	Junction with A158 near Winceby - Partney
        B1434   Owersby Moor - Kettleby
        B1435   Link in Bungay (Upper Olland Street, Filxton Road)
        B1436   Roughton - Great Wood
        B1438   Link in Woodbridge                                    A12
        B1439   West Newton - A149
        B1440   Hillington - Dersingham
	B1441	Guyhirne - Wisbech St Mary - Wisbech
	B1442	Link in Wisbech
	B1451	Skegness (sea front)

	B291	Link in Epsom

1/4/24	B2156	Link at Cripps Corner
	B2157	Steel Cross - Junction with B2100
	B2158	Medway Street, Chatham
	B2159   Love Lane, Faversham
	B2160	Beltring - Kipping's Cross
	B2161	Badsell - Mascals
	B2162	Lamberhurst - Yalding
	B2163	Tetsing - Leeds - Sittingbourne
	B2164	Goat Lees - Kennington - Willesborough
1/4/25	B2165	Cripps Corner - Staple Cross - Horns Cross
	B2166	Bognor Regis (local road)
	B2167	Southwick (local road)
1/4/26	B2168   Link in Beckenham
	B2169	Lamberhurst - Tunbridge Wells
	B2170	Sandgate - Junction with B2063
	B2171   Link in Newhaven
	B2173   Link in Shoreham (New Road and East Street)
1/4/27	B2174	Stone - Darenth
	B2175	Northfleet - Junction with B262
	B2176	Southborough - Penshurst Station
	B2177	Bedhampton - A3 near Portsdown
	B2178	Chichester - East Ashling
	B2179	Chichester - West Wittering
1/4/28	B2180	Horsham (Hurst Road)
	B2181	Shover's Green - Burwash Common
	B2182	Bexhill - Little Common
	B2183	Link between A272 and A275
	B2184   Link in Cuckfield
1/4/29	B2186   Crayford - Saw Mills
	B2187	Orpington - Locksbottom
	B2188	Langton Green - Penshurst
	B2189	Cranbrook Bypass
	B2190	Telegraph Hill - Manston Court
1/4/32	B2191	St Anthony's Hill - Pevensey
	B2192   Link in Portslade (Carlton Terrace)
	B2193	Link in Portslade (Church Road, Trafalgar Road)
	B2194	Link in Portslade (Carlton Terrace)
	B2195   Link in Horsham (?)
	B2196	Horsham (Albion Road)
	B2197	A259 near Toddington - Wick
	B2198   Birdham - Bracklesham
1/4/33	B2199   Warnham - Broadbridge Heath
	B2201   Appledram - Sidlesham Common
	B2202   Link in Hailsham
	B2203   Heathfield - Horham
 	B2205   Whitstable - Herne Bay				A299       
        B2206   Link in Herne Bay                               A299
        B2208   Link in Caterham                                A22
        B2209   Link in Mickleham                               A24
        B2210   Bledon - Bexley - Dartford                      A210
        B2211   Dunton Green - Sundridge
        B2212   Link in Bromley

1/4/23	B3333	Gosport (South Street, Bury Road
		and Ann's Hill Road)
	B3334	Brockhurst - Tichfield
	B3335	Rushall - Junction with A345 at Wood Bridge
	B3336	Link at Beer
	B3337	Torquay (Union Street (part) and Newton Road)
	B3338	Crediton (part of East Street)
	B3339	Loop at Bridgwater
	B3340	Nettlestone - Nettlestone Point
	B3341	Newport (Castle Road)
1/4/24	B3342	Lower Ashton - Longwood House
	B3343	Weytown - Woolacombe
	B3344	Bovey Tracey - South of Batworthy
	B3345   Reading (Silver Street, London Street, Duke Street)
	B3346	Loop at Puxton & Worle Station
	B3347	Christchurch - Winkton
1/4/25	B3348	Eversley - Finchampstead
	B3349	Wokingham - Arborfield Cross
	B3350	Shinfield - Spencer's Wood
	B3351	Corfe Castle - Studland
	B3352	Sutton Veny - Boreham
	B3353	Corsham - Whitley
	B3354	Stratton on The Fosse - Midsomer Norton
	B3355	Hallatrow - Midsomer Norton Station
	B3356	Chilcompton - Nettlebridge
	B3357	Princetown - Rendlestone
	B3358	Simonsbath - Friendship Farm
	B3359	Middle Taphouse - Pelynt
	B3360   Link near Doubleboss Station, Cornwall
	B3361   Link in Falmouth
	B3362	Gweek - Garras
1/4/27	B3363	Kingston - Surbiton
	B3364   Link in Surbiton                     B286
	B3365   Link in Kingston (Penrhyn Road)      B287
	B3366   Lower Halliford - Shepperton
	B3367   Badshot Lea - Upper Hale
	B3368	Bournemouth - Poole Head
	B3369	Parkstone - Sandbanks
	B3370	Cheddar (Tweentoun Way)
	B3371	Cheddar Gorge - Fernhill
	B3372	Shinner's Bridge - Syon Abbey
	B3373	Crown Hill - Tamerton Foliot
	B3374	Bugle - St Austell
1/4/28	B3375   Link in Twickenham Common
	B3376   Staines - Thorpe
	B3377   Feltham - East Bedfont
	B3378	Old A4 though Colnbrook              A4
	B3379	South of North Waltham - Stockbridge
	B3380	Southampton (Wimpson Lane)
	B3381	Starcross - Junction with A380
1/4/29	B3383	Link at Oakley Green
	B3384	Farnham - Upper Bourne
	B3385	Stubbington - Lee-on-the-Solent
1/4/32	B3386	Shawford - Twyford
	B3388	Bradford on Avon (New Road, Woolley Street)
1/4/35	B3389   Salisbury (Milford Street)
        B3390   Warmwell - Tolpuddle
        B3391   Junction with A38 - Uffculme - Willand

	B490	Acton - Chiswick Park
	B491	Acton - Chiswick High Road
	B492	Acton - Old Oak Common

1/4/23	B4425	Cirencester - Burford
	B4426	Willsbridge - Bridge Yate
	B4427	Downend - Ridgeway
	B4428	Berkeley - Sharpness
	B4429	Dunchurch - Hillmorton
	B4430   Link in Walsall
	B4431	Nibbey - Coleford - Staunton
	B4432	Link at Nailbridge
	B4433	North Cornelly - Margam
	B4434	Tonna - Resolven
	B4435	Link in Pontardawe (Holly Street, Grove Road)
	B4436	The Mumbles - Kilvrough
1/4/24	B4437	Junction with A361 - Charlbury
	B4438	Middle Bickenhill - Hampton in Arden
	B4439	Halton - Hockley Heath
1/4/25	B4440	Wooburn Green - Holtspur
	B4441	Amersham (A416 - A4090)
	B4442	Chalfont St Giles - Little Chalfont
	B4443	Aylesbury - Stoke Mandeville
	B4444	Princes Risborough - Longwick
	B4445	Thame - Chinnor
	B4446	Woodley - Sonning
1/4/26	B4447	Maidenhead - Cookham
	B4448	Link in Shillingford (?)
	B4449	Lechlade - Bampton - Yarnton
	B4450	Stow - Chipping Norton
	B4451	Halford - Gaydon - Southam
	B4452	Harbury Station - Ufton
	B4453	Leamington - Blue Boar
	B4454   Coventry (Queens Road, Butts Road)
	B4455	Cross in Hand - Junction with A447 near Wolvey
	B4457	Stretford - Legion Cross
	B4459	Bow Street - Junction with A44
1/4/27	B4460   Link in Harlseden
	B4461	Over - Almondsbury - Aust
	B4462	Warwick (Nursery Wood) - Barford
	B4463	Longbridge - Hampton on the Hill
	B4464   Link in Coventry
	B4465	Staple Hill - Tolldown Hill
	B4466	Bristol (Jacob's Well Road)
	B4468	Bristol (Clifton - Horfield)
	B4470	Bristol (Link at Westbury Park)
	B4471	Swyffra - Hafod-y-Coed
	B4472	Newbridge - Crumlin
	B4473 	Montford Bridge - Onslow Hall
	B4474 	Link in Pontardawe
	B4475 	Pontardawe - Craig Llangiwg
	B4476	Llandysul - Junction with A482
1/4/28	B4477
	B4479	Bourton on the Hill - Charingworth
	B4480	Henley in Arden - Gorcott Hill
	B4484   The Scotlands - Wednesfield - Willenhall (Staffs)             -
	B4486	Barry - Merthyr Dyfan
	B4488	Cardiff (Ely Rise - Junction with B4256)
	B4489	Swansea - Llangyfelach
1/4/29	B4490
	B4491 	Gunnersbury Park - Little Ealing
	B4492   Acton - Old Oak Common
	B4493   Link in Didcot							B4016                          
	B4494	Newbury - Wantage
	B4495	Iffley - Headington
	B4499	Minsterley - Junction with B4386
	B4500	Chirk - Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog
	B4501	Bala - Cerrig Druidton
	B4503	Great Malvern - Leigh Sinton
1/4/30  B4504	Rickmansworth - Watford
	B4505	Chesham - Hemel Hempstead
	B4506	Northchurch - Dagnall - Junction with B489
	B4507 	Childrey - Swindon 
	B4508	Cheltenham (Queens Road)
	B4509	Wickwater - Falfield
	B4510	Evesham - Littleton
	B4511	Bedwellty - Aberbargoed
	B4512	Ystrad - Ferndale
1/4/31	B4513
	B4514	Link in Olton between A41 and B4146
	B4518	Rhayader - Eden Village
	B4519	Link north of Narberth
	B4520	Narberth High Street
	B4521	Avergavenny (Park Crescent - Oakland Road)
	B4522   Treherbert - Blaencwm
	B4524	Longland - Ogmore - St Bride's Major
	B4525	Middleton Cheney - Kislingbury
	B4526   Chazey Heath - Goring
	B4527   Swindon (Groundwell Road)
	B4529	Link at Shirl Heath between A44 and A4110
        B4530   Link in Leintwardine between A4110 and A4113
1/4/32  B4540 Junction with A5 - Whipsnade - Valance End Farm
        B4541 Whipsnade - Dunstable
        B4545  Valley - Holyhead
        B4549  Loop in Lake Vrynwy


1/4/23	B5308   Link in Holmes Chapel
	B5309   Middlewich - Wintham
	B5311	Ashton upon Mersey - Sale
	B5312	Link in Carlisle (Corporation Road)
1/4/24	B5313   Tamworth (Victoria Road)
	B5314	Weston under Lizard - Weston Heath
	B5315   Stone - Stone Station
	B5319   Link in Ormskirk				A5070
	B5320	Penrith - A592 near Ullswater
	B5321   Lancaster - Morecambe                           A589
	B5322	Junction with A591 - Threlkeld
1/4/25	B5323	Link in Kettering between A43 and A6
	B5324	Church Town - Rempstone - Junction with A46
	B5325	Barwell - Stapleton
	B5326	Ibstock - Ashby de la Zouch
	B5327	Leicester - Field Head
	B5328	Anstey - Sileby - Cotes
	B5329	Coalville - Whitwick
	B5330	Cropston - Shepshed
	B5331   Link to Rudyard Lake Station
	B5332   Gorsedd - Rhuddlan
	B5335   Middlewich - Junction with B5309
	B5336   Wharton Green - Moulton
	B5339   Liverpool (Liver Street - Lime Street)
	B5343   Skelwith Bridge - Middlefell Place
	B5344   Holmbrook - Seascale - Gosforth
	B5345   Rothersyke - St Bees - Whitehaven
1/4/26  B5346   Northampton (Abington Avenue)
	B5347	Northampton Station - Kingsthorpe Hollow
	B5349	Wilnecote - Kettlebrook
	B5350	Copt Oak - Loughborough
	B5351	Rothley - Mountsorrel
	B5356   Daresbury - Howshoots
	B5358	Junction with A511 - Newhall - Swadlincote
	B5359	Link in Keswick (Bank Street) 
	B5363   Link in Market Harborough
	B5364	Elmesthorpe - Earl Shilton
	B5365	Enderby - Junction with A46
	B5366	South Wigston - Leicester (Freement Common)
	B5367   Newcastle under Lyme - Old Peel
	B5368   Silverdale - Wolstanton
	B5369   Basford - Broad Meadow
	B5370   Dimsdale - Port Hill
	B5371   Kidsgrove - Coalpit Hill
	B5372   Link in Ruthin
	B5373   Hope - Junction with B5102
	B5375   Wigan - Apley Moor
	B5378	Elstree - Broad Colney
	B5379   Link in Bedford (?)
	B5380	Desford - Leicester Forest East
	B5381	Derby Ring Road
	B5383   St Asaph - Ty Bont - Trefnant
	B5384	Bylchau - Llanfair Talhaiarn
newyear	B5387
around	B5388	Olney - Yardley Hastings
here	B5389
	B5392   Lower Withington - Broker's Cross
	B5393   Tarvin - Frodsham
	B5395   Grindleybrook - Malpas
	B5400   Kegworth - Isley Walton
	B690    South Brington - South Stilton
	B691	Link in St Albans
1/4/24	B6375   Whirlow - Millhouses
	B6376   Maltby - Warmsworth
	B6377   Ardsley - Monk Bretton
	B6379   Hook Moor - Lowton (defunct by 9/24)
	B6382   Loop in Ilkley
	B6383   Milnthorpe - Crooklands
	B6384   Milnthorpe - Burton-in-Kendal
	B6385   Milnthorpe - Crooklands
	B6386   Nottingham (Forest Farm) - Oxton - Southwell
	B6388   Sheffield - Gleadless
	B6391   Bromley Cross - Turton - Junction with A666
	B6397   Kelso - Earlston
	B6398   Bowden - Newtown-St-Boswells
	B6399   Newcastleton - Hawick
	B6400   Crailing - Ashkirk
	B6404   St Boswells - Junction with B6397
	B6405   Denholm - Hassendean
	B6410   Rotherham - Dinnington
	B6411   Hickleton - Great Houghton
	B6412   Edenhall - Lazonby
	B6413   Plumpton Wall - Brampton
	B6421   High Ackworth - Castleford
	B6425   Luton (Wardown - Round Green)
	B6426   Hill End Station - Water End
	B6427   Maltby - Braithwell
	B6428   Barugh - Junction with B6421
	B6451   Otley - Summer Bridge


New London Roads (Ax2xx, Bxyx where y is less than 5)

city	A1210   Whitechapel - Broadgate                              -
city	A1211   Aldersgate - Aldgate                                 -
city	A1212   Royal Mint Street - Aldgate                          -
city	A1213   Threadneedle Street - Monument                       -

	B126    Mansell Street - Butcher Row                         -
	B127    Cambridge Heath - Old Ford Road                      -
city	B128    Lothbury - Aldersgate Street                         -
city	B129    London Wall - Barbican                               -
city	B130    Threadneedle Street - Liverpool Street               -
city	B131    King William Street - Gracechurch Street             -
city	B132    Byward Street - Blackfriars Underpass                -
city	B133    Lower Thames Street - Upper Thames Street            -
city	B134    Mansell Street - Bethnal Green Road                  -
	B135    Shoreditch - Cambridge Heath Road                    -
	B137    North Circular Rd - Hertford Road                    -
	B138    Endymion Road - Park Avenue                          -
	B140    Stepney Green - Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach   -
	B141    New Southgate - Colney Hatch (?)                     -
	B142    Tredegar Road - Bow                                  -
	B143    Albion Road - Prudhoe Street                         -
	B144    Chiswell Street - New North Road                     -
	B146    Chingford Lane - Chingford Green                     -

	A2218   route in Sydenham                                    -

	B236    Brockley - Lewisham High St                          -
	B237    Upper Tooting - Clapham South Stn                    -
	B238    Peckham Rye - Honor Oak Pk                           -
	B239    Grove Lane - Denmark Hill                            -
newyear	B240    New Kent Rd - Borough High St                        -
	B241    Tooting Bec Common - Amen Corner,Tooting             -
	B242    Balham - Streatham                                   -
	B243    South Croydon - Woodside Green                       -

	A3219   Parsons Green - Fulham                               -
	A3220   Clapham Common - White City                          -
	A3221   Wandsworth - East Hill                               -

	B319    Belgrave Square - Brompton Road                      -
        B320    ???                                                  -
	B321    Richmond Bridge - Richmond Park                      -
	B322    Richmond Hill - Sheen Road, Richmond                 -
newyear	B323    Lambeth Bridge - Buckingham Gate                     -
	B324    Rochester Row - Ebury Bridge                         -
	B325    Kensington Road - Cromwell Road                      -
	B326    Westminster - Pimlico                                -
	B327    Haymarket - Regent Street                            -

city	A4208   Ludgate Circus - Holborn Circus                      -
	A4209   Marylebone - Lancaster Gate                          -

	B415    Notting Hill Gate - Ladbroke Grove                   -

	A5204   Edgware Rd - Regent St                               -
	A5205   Maida Vale - Camden Town                             -

	B520    Kilburn High Road - West End Lane                    -
city?	B521    Holborn Circus - Clerkenwell Road                    -
	B522    St Giles - Euston                                    -
	B523    Marble Arch  - Regents Park                          -
	B524    Baker Street - Bond Street Station                   -
	B525    Regent's Canal - Swiss Cottage                       -

Changes to Existing Roads 1924-1932


  1. Truncated - part of the route is deleted. If route A-B-C had B-C removed, written as "from C to B"
  2. Diverted - route takes a different road, but end points remain the same
  3. Rerouted - route takes a different road, but end points change
  4. Recycled - route number that had been used before, but is not in use at that time, gets used again
  5. Reallocated - route number in use gets moved in it's entirety
  6. Extended - should be self-explanatory

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


01/04/24	A259	Made continuous by taking over B259	B259
		B1040	Truncated from Spalding to Crowland			A1073
		B1085	Truncated from Stretham to Haddenham  			A1072
		B1105	Truncated from Barton Mills to Fakenham 		A1065
		B1131	Truncated from Stuston Common to Diss			A1067
		B2143	Truncated from Chichester to Bognor			A294
		B3322	Truncated from Newport to Freshwater			A3054
		B4271	Truncated from Ystrad to Tonyrefail 			A4093
		B6355	Diverted east of Chirnside to Eymouth			A6105		Formerly ran to Berwick-upon-Tweed
		B6364	Truncated from Eyemouth to Greenlaw			A6105, B6355
18/07/24	A1	Diverted via Scotch Corner 		A66, A687	A167
		A66	Truncated to Scotch Corner 				A1, A1079
		A167	Extended to Darlington 			A1
01/09/24 	B1217   Recycled as Hook Moor - Towton Road	B6379           		B1217 number was vacant after upgrade to A1077 01/04/24
??/09/24	B2009	Eastern end upgraded to A2				A2
19/11/24 	A2	Diverted onto Dartford bypass		new road	A226
		A226	Extended along old A2 in Dartford	A2

01/04/25 	B2068   Extended north to Canterbury                            B2068
        	A30     Extended to Land's End                  B3313
		A3	Diverted onto Kingston bypass		A239		A3063		bypass under construction
                B4025   Reallocated to old A38 near Norton      A38             B4025           A38 diverted onto Norton bypass

01/04/26 	B1026   Reallocated to Colchester - Heybridge                   
        	B4261   Reallocated in mid Cardiff                              
       	 	B4279   Reallocated in Wiltshire
01/04/27	A217    Diverted onto Sutton bypass		new road	A297	
28/10/27	A307	Extended along old A3 in Kingston	A3063
		A308	Extended along old A3 in Kingston	A3063

		A3063	Reallocated in Windsor

01/04/33	A229	Diverted to City Way (upgraded road)	unclassified	B2097
		B2097	Reallocated to old A229 nr Rochester	A229

??/??/2?	B155	Relocated to Turnpike Lane - Roundway	unclassified	A111	SOURCE:later 20s MOT maps. B155 now A1080 and what was then going to be A108 is now B155
""""""""	A111	Extended to Potters Bar			B155
??/??/2?	A133	Extended to Sudbury			B1058
??/??/2?	A406	Gains Whipps Cross Road			B160			Strange! SOURCE:later 20s MOT maps.
""""""""	B160	Truncated from Green Man to A104			A406, A1082
01/04/2?	A332	Rerouted north of Slough		B472		A4007		Slough-Chalfont St Peter road upgraded to Class 1, Slough-Uxbridge road renumbered
""""""""	A412	Extended to Iver Heath			B471
""""""""	A4007	Extended to Slough			A322
""""""""	B472	Reallocated to Beaconsfield - Amersham	B473		A332
""""""""	B473	Rerouted north of Beaconsfield		unclass		B472		Beaconsfield-Hazlemere road became B473
??/??/2?	A20	Diverted onto Farlington bypass		new road	A2xxx(?)	Old road marked as A road on pre-35 maps, then a B road afterwards

??/??/3?	A24	Diverted onto Esher bypass		new road	A2026
""""""""	A240	Diverted onto Esher bypass		new road	A2026
??/??/3?	A24	Diverted onto Leatherhead bypass	new road	A246, A243
""""""""	A243	Extended onto Leatherhead bypass	A24
""""""""	A244	Extended onto Leatherhead bypass	new road
""""""""	A246	Extended onto Leatherhead bypass	A24
??/??/3?	A24	Diverted onto Dorking bypass		new road	A2003
??/??/3?	A3	Diverted onto Guildford bypass		new road	A3100

??/??/??	A2	Diverted onto Rochester Way		new road	A207, A209
""""""""	A207	Extended along old A2 to Dartford	A2
??/??/??	A239	Reallocated to Morden - Mitcham		B275
??/??/??	A3024	Extended across the Itchen to Fareham	unclassified
""""""""	A334	Extended to Bitterne			unclassified
??/??/??	B358	Truncated from Harrow to Hanwell			A4127, unclass.	A4127 utilises new build and bits of B358
??/??/??	A4	Diverted onto Twyford bypass				A3032
??/??/??	B5092	Truncated from Wilmslow to Woodford			A5012

Deletions of Existing Roads 1924-1932

DELETED ROADS 1924 - 1932

(based on MOT maps, TNA documentation and 1932 map)


01/04/24	B1026	Link in Colchester						A1070
		B1069	Newtown - Boxford - Hadleigh - Ipswich				A1071
		B1087	Haddenham - Witcham						A1072
		B1111	Thetford - South Lopham - Diss					A1066
		B1148	Norwich - Bawdeswell - Guist - Fakenham				A1067
		B1165	Eye - Crowland							A1073
		B1180	Donington - Drayton - Junction with A154			A1075
		B1217	Scunthorpe - Winterton - South Ferriby - Barton-upon-Humber	A1077
		B1337	Pegswood Moor - Widdrington - Amble - Alnwick			A1068
       		B259	Eastbourne - Newhaven						A259
		B2042	Whitstable - Canterbury						A290
		B2044	Herne Bay - Sturry						A291
       		B370	Walton-on-Thames - Weybridge					A3050
		B3036	Botley - Fisher's Pond						A3051
		B3085	Salisbury - Choldreton - Shipton Bellinger			A3052
		B3104	Bradford-on-Avon - Melksham					A3053
		B3325	Freshwater - Shorwell - Ventor - Shanklin - Sandown		A3055
		B3326	Blackwater - Shanklin						A3056
       		B452	Willesden (Duddinghill Lane - Blackbird Hill)			A4088
		B4110	Wishaw - Tamworth						A4091
		B4279	Tonyrefail - Blackmill						A4093
       		B5028	Link in Uttoxeter   						A5077
		B5071	Link in Crewe							A5078
		B5093	Upper Swineseye - Bramhall - Heaviley				A5079
		B5180	Liverpool - Huyton - Cronton - Penketh				A5080
		B5196	Maghull - Scarisbrick						A598
		B5209	Earlstown - Haydock						A599
       		B688	Junction with A46 - Loudham					A6097
		B6046?	Link in Chesterfield						A6099
		B6075	Rivelin Bridge - Owlerton					A6101
		B6084	Sheffield Outer Ring Road					A6102
		B6374	Junction with A7 - Lugton - Cauldcoats - Portobello		A6106
18/07/24	A687	Scotch Corner - Darlington		 			A1

01/04/25	B1209	Brigg - Caistor							A1084
       	       	B1345	Broxton - Dunbar - Beltonford					A1087               
      	    	B176	Ilford - Becontree Heath					A1083
       	       	B2103	Junction with A271 near Horsebridge - Hailsham			A295
       	 	B3042	Southampton - Romsey - Andover					A3057
       	       	B3278	St Austell - Brighton - Newquay					A3058
       	       	B3281	St Columb Major - St Columb Minor				A3059
       	       	B3313   Penzance - Lands End                                            A30
(?)       	B471	Iver Heath - Denham				 		A412
       	       	B4021	Clanfield - Bampton - Witney					A4095
       	       	B4024	Witney - Woodstock						A4095
                B4025   Link in Woodstock                                               A4095
       	       	B4029	Bletchingdon Station - Bicester (Bignell House)			A4095
       	       	B4070	Ryeford - Eastington - Claypits					A4096
       	       	B4164	Ocker Hill - Moxley						A4098 
       	       	B4177	Scotts Green - Kingswinford - Greensforge			A4101
       	       	B4181	Link in Dennis Green joining A461 and A449			A4102
       	       	B4207	Worcester - Hereford						A4103
       	       	B4210	River Severn - Upton-upon-Severn - Little Malvern		A4104
       	       	B4217	Gt Malvern - Colwall Green - Junction with A48			A4105
       	       	B4282	Laleston - Porthcawl						A4106
       	       	B4284	Cymer - Abergwynfi						A4107
       	       	B4285	Cymer - Glyncorrwg						A4108
       	       	B4352	Hereford (White Cross) - Mortimers Cross - Walford		A4110
       	       	B4353	Willersleyley - Kington						A4111
       	       	B4354	Leominster (Barons Cross) - Parton				A4112
       	       	B4366	Bromfield - Knighton						A4113
       	       	B6266	Ripon - Masham							A6108
       	       	B6269	Leyburn - Downholme Moor					A6108

01/04/26	B1006	Link at Writtle joining A122 and A414				A1091
		B1062	Wixoe - Clare - Long Melford					A1092
		B1080	Junction with A139 - Brightwell - Martlesham			A1093
		B1112	Woolpit - Ixworth - Thetford Bridge				A1088
		B1140	Acle - Great Yarmouth						A1096
		B3056	Lymington - Lyndhurst						A3069
		B3161	Bridport - Beaminster - Minsterton - Haselbury Plucknett	A3066
		B3260	Stratton - Bude							A3073
		B3280	Truro - Mitchell - Gummow's Shop				A3076
		B3283	Newquay - Trevissome						A3075
		B3314	Penzance - Trereife						A3077
		B4340	Lampeter - Aberayron						A4115
03/07/26        A4018   Bristol - Avonmouth        	 			 	B4055, B4054

01/04/27	B1074	Washbrook - Great Blakenham					A1100
		B1101	Bury St Edmunds - Mildenhall - Litleport - Welney - Outwell	A1101
		B1199	Junction with B1196 - Maltby le Marsh - Mablethorpe Hall	A1104	
		B1204	Kingerby Wood - Usselby Plantation				A1103	
		B1343	Burnmouth - Eyemouth - Cockburnspath				A1107
		B2045	Herne Bay - Upstreet						A299
		B3169	Ilminster - Buckland St Mary - Stopgate				A3079
		B3246	Plympton- Saltash						A3078
		B4069	Cirencester - Chalford - Stroud					A4116
		B4200	Bewdley - Cleobury Mortimer - Clee Hill - Junction with B4364	A4117
		B4261	Llandaff - Llantrisant						A4119	
		B4294	Swansea - Port Eynon						A4118
		B4344	Ponterwyd - Devils Bridge - Aberystwyth				A4120
??/??/27	A115	Leytonstone - Valentines		 			A106, unclassified

??/??/??	B1058	Sudbury - Colchester						A133	
??/??/??	A295	Bexleyheath bypass (new road)					A2 - from day 1 of the road opening?

Northern Ireland

??/??/2?	A2	Gap filled				B11
??/??/2?	B11	Route deleted				A2

??/??/2?	A2	Spur on Buncrara Road created		unclass

??/??/2?	A40	Route created				B71, unclass
??/??/2?	B71	Route deleted				A40, unclass

??/??/2?	A42	Route created				B19
??/??/2?	A43	Route created				B61
??/??/2?	A44	Route created				B63
??/??/2?	A45	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	A46	Route created				B37
??/??/2?	A47	Route created				B72, new build, unclass
??/??/2?	B19	Route deleted				A42
??/??/2?	B37	Route truncated north of A4		A46
??/??/2?	B61	Route deleted				A43
??/??/2?	B63	Route deleted				A44
??/??/2?	B72	Route truncated south of Pettigo	A47

??/??/2?	B19	Route recycled at Elington		unclass
??/??/2?	B37	Route duplicated w of Bel, n of Lis	unclass

??/??/2?	B87	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B88	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B89	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B90	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B91	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B92	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B93	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B94	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B95	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B96	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B97	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B98	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B99	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B100	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B101	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B102	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B103	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B104	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B105	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B106	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B107	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B108	Route created				unclass

??/??/2?	B109	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B110	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B111	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B112	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B113	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B114	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B115	Route created				unclass

after '26

??/??/2?	A48	Route created				B22
??/??/2?	A49	Route created				B24
??/??/2?	A50	Route created				B26, B28, B3
??/??/2?	A51	Route created				B29
??/??/2?	B3	Gilford - Tandragee section upgraded	A50
??/??/2?	B22	Route deleted				A48
??/??/2?	B24	Route deleted				A49
??/??/2?	B26	Route deleted				A50
??/??/2?	B28	Route deleted				A50
??/??/2?	B29	Route deleted				A51

??/??/2?	A52	Route created				B13
??/??/2?	A53	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	A54	Route created				B64
??/??/2?	B13	Route deleted				B13
??/??/2?	B64	Route deleted				B64

??/??/2?	A501	Route extended				B37
??/??/2?	B37	Route deleted				A501

??/??/2?	B72	Route rerouted to Irvinestown		unclass

??/??/2?	B118	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B119	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B120	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B121	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B122	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B123	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B124	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B125	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B126	Route created				unclass
??/??/2?	B127	Route created				unclass