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From:London Rd/Yarmouth Rd, Ipswich (TM150445)
To:Martlesham (TM243462)
Via:Ipswich Northern Outer Ring Rd
Length:8.7 miles (14 km)
Meets: A14, A12, A1156, A1071, A1189, A137
Former Number(s):A12, A1114
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1214 London Rd/Yarmouth Rd, Ipswich -
A1214 in Kesgrave

The A1214 starts at a standard grade seperated, and partially signalised roundabout interchange with the A12 and A14 (Copdock Interchange, J55 of the A14). The road proceeds as D2 (dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction) with a 40mph speed limit past a large supermarket complex. It meets a roundabout providing access to the retail area and the district of Pinewood. After a long right hand curve the former A12 (now an access road from the Park and Ride station) merges in. At this point the barriers in the central reservations disappear to be replaced with a wide grassy verge with trees. The road then meets the A1071 to Hadleigh and Scrivener Drive at a signalised junction. Almost immediately afterwards the left hand lane of the northbound carriageway becomes a bus lane. This entire stretch is London Road. The road then meets Robin Drive at another signalised junction. After the junction, the bus lane ends and the road becomes S3 (a single carriageway with three lanes) with two lanes uphill. A cycle lane is also provided northbound. A 30mph speed restriction then comes into force. After descending the hill, the A1214 meets the B1075, Ranelagh Rd (to the station) and the former A1071, Hadleigh Road at another signalised junction near the Sainsbury's supermarket.

The road is then a dual carriageway for a short while over the river Gipping before it meets the A1071 (to the D2 A1022 Civic Drive Inner Ring Road and Town Centre) and the A137 which eventually goes to Colchester via Manningtree. This junction involves a TOTSO (Turn off to stay on) manouver so we will be turning left onto Yarmouth Road. The road then continues parallel to the river for a short time with some new flats on the left followed by a bridge over a body of water (this forms a sort of short-cut in the River Gipping). Just before a signalised junction with the B1067 Bramford Road we pass a Territorial Army (T.A.) complex on our left. The road then continues as Chevalier street before meeting the A1156 (former A45) at a double mini-roundabout junction. The surroundings then become more suburban as the speed limit changes to 40mph with trees and green spaces on both sides of the road. We ascend the hill on Valley Road and the development becomes more dense as we pass Henley Road and Dale Hall Lane at signalised junctions next to a block of flats. This strech recently had cycle lanes installed in both directions. The next stretch is arrow straight as it meets the B1077 Westerfield Rd at a roundabout. It then continues to Tuddenham Road with frontage roads for houses between the two roundabouts. The road then curves to the right as we pass over the Ipswich to Felixtowe Railway line. The A1214 Colchester road now straightens out again and meets Sidegate Lane at a roundabout. After a few curves we end up at a double roundabout interchange with one of the roundabouts not providing complete access. Traffic wanting to go back into town on the A1071 when travelling East on the A1214 must go the second roundabout and use that. This junction provides access between the A1189 (to Felixtowe), the A1214 and the A1071.

After the second roundabout a 30mph speed limit comes into force again and lasts until the end of the road. The road then travels through heathland for a short while before entering the suburbs once again through an 'Ipswich overspill' housing area. This is generally thought of as the most unpleasant stretch of the road with a 30mph speed limit, seamingly endless developement, bus lanes (due to the Park and Ride near Martlesham) and many traffic lights.There are two roundabouts on this stretch, one of which was previously signalised. The road then finally terminates on a signalised roundabout with the A12. When this road was the A12, it used to continue straight on through the village of Martlesham. Today one turns left onto the A12 D2 Martlesham bypass to head up towards Woodbridge, Aldeburgh, Southwold, Kessingland, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth where A12 turminates. Turning right onto the A12 takes you down towards the Seven Hills interchange or junction 58 of the A14.

JunctionsCopdock Interchange
ServicesCopdock services
CrossingsHandford Bridge
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