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From:Hazard's Green (TQ677122)
To:Bexhill (TQ749080)
Length:7.3 miles (11.7 km)
Meets: A271, A2036, A259, A259
Former Number(s):A271
Now part of:A271, B2204, B2182
Highway Authorities

East Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A269 Battle - Ninfield
A269 Hazard's Green - Bexhill


The A269 is an unusually shaped A-road in east Sussex, shorter now than in its heyday.

Hazard's Green - Bexhill

Sidley Green

The road starts where the A271 decides to TOTSO at Hazard's Green, to the west of Ninfield. It climbs up to the village centre before descending southeastwards to reach Bexhill.

After crossing a bridge over a dismantled railway line the A2036 continues along the same course to the generic out-of-town bowling alley, fast food and shopping. Meanwhile, the A269 dog-legs right to cross the A259 at traffic lights. It then does a little urban loop eastwards via a gyratory and two TOTSOs on the B2182 to end back on the A259, again at traffic lights.


The A269 originally reached Battle

Whereas the central section of the A269 is unchanged, both ends have moved. The northern end of the road was on the A21 (now A2100) in Battle; the road headed west, south and west again to reach its current route in Ninfield, where the A271 came in from the left along the A269's current route. In the 2000s, the A271 was moved to reach Battle and so the A269 was diverted to Hazard's Green to meet it; the former section of A269 vacated became the B2204.

At the Bexhill end, the A269 originally ran along what is now the B2182 to end on the A259 High Street.

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