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Dartford Crossing
From:Thurrock (TQ574800)
To:Fleet Downs, near Dartford (TQ556721)
Length:5.2 miles (8.4 km)
Meets: M25, A13, A1306, A206, A225, A296, A2, M25
Primary Destinations
Dartford Crossing
Highway Authorities

Highways Agency

Traditional Counties

Essex • Kent

Route outline (key)
A282 Thurrock - Fleet Downs
Junction List
Junc Southbound Northbound
30 Start of Road M25, A13
Services symbol.gif Thurrock services
31 No Exit A1090, A1306
Toll Dartford Crossing
1a A206, B2228 A206, B2228
1b A225, A296 No Exit
2 A2, M25 Start of Road
This article is about the current A282 that comprises of the Dartford Crossing and is part of the London Orbital.
For the original, that ran between Broadbridge and Five Oaks and is now part of the A264, see A282 (Broadbridge - Five Oaks)



We all tend to think of this as the M25. In actual fact, around five miles of the London Orbital is the A282, this being the important link between Kent and Essex, crossing the River Thames. The toll booths are on the south side of the river for both directions, and the road has eight lanes to the south of these.

Northbound, one has the choice of battling with the lorries through the original left tunnel, or trying hard to limit one's speed to 50 mph through the more recent right-hand tunnel. Of course heading south, one has no such decision to make - all four lanes run parallel across the fairly steep Queen Elizabeth II suspension bridge. From here, you will see just how industrialised the whole area is. North of the river, the road reverts to six lanes.

Because it has always been known as the Dartford Tunnel, residents of Thurrock had hoped that the bridge would diplomatically adopt the name of their town. This didn't happen, and they have had to settle with lending their name to a huge shopping centre instead!


Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Dartford

The new A282 (as opposed to the old one in Sussex), also known as Canterbury Way, opened in 1963 when the first Dartford Tunnel opened. In the very early days, there were special Routemaster buses that took bicycles over the water but that wasn't a success and so today's minibus system was introduced. With the opening of the second bore in 1980, the road was fully D2 but as the M25 was near completion, it became a major bottleneck. The Dartford Tunnels were supplemented with the Dartford Bridge which opened on 30 October 1991, five years and a day after the M25 was fully opened.



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Dartford Crossing

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JunctionsDarenth Interchange • Littlebrook Interchange • Mar Dyke Interchange • Princes Road Interchange • Purfleet Interchange
ServicesThurrock services
CrossingsDartford Tunnel • Lower Thames Crossing/Option A • Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
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