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From:Sturry (TR176606)
To:Eddington (TR179668)
Length:4.5 miles (7.2 km)
Meets: A28, A299, A2990, B2205
Former Number(s):B2044
Now part of:B2205
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A291 Sturry - Eddington
A291 Eddington - Herne Bay


The A291 is a non-primary route which connects the A28 at Sturry to the A299 near Herne Bay.

Sturry - Herne Bay

Start of the A291, branching off the A28 behind the level crossing

The road begins on the A28 just to the north of Sturry railway station and immediately climbs a hill as it leaves Sturry. As the land flattens out, the road leaves the urban area behind and heads out past Calcott, before having a couple of tight bends. On the right there is a minor road to Hoath Wood, one of England's few sites for the Heath Fritillary butterfly (May-July). The road continues north to Herne Common where the road bears east and descends into the village. There is a sharp left bend right in the heart of the village just before a mini-roundabout, followed immediately by a zebra crossing! This is the narrowest part of the road, and we thankfully leave it behind as the road widens out. The last section of the road is pretty dull, with a few housing estates branching off either side. The road then terminates at a dumbbell junction with the A299 and A2990. Non-motorway vehicles are banned from heading onto the westbound A299 here as there are some tunnels further along.

Original Author(s): a228_mb


The A291 did not appear in the 1922 Road Lists - the road from Sturry to Herne Bay was classified as the B2044 instead. However, it was quickly realised it merited Class I status, and so was probably upgraded to A291 on 1st April, 1924.

Originally the A291, like the B2044, ended in Herne Bay. However, in recent years it has been cut back to end on the A299, with the road into town now being the B2205.

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