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From:Repton Park, Ashford (TR001436)
To:Willesborough (TR037415)
Length:2.9 miles (4.7 km)
Meets: A20, A28, A2042, A2070, A20, M20
Former Number(s):A20
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Route outline (key)
A292 Repton Park - Willesborough
This article is about the current A292, which is the Ashford Ring Road.
For the original, called Magazine Road, also in Ashford, see A292 (Magazine Road, Ashford)
For the possible A292 in Charing, Kent, see A292 (Charing).


Ashford Ring Road

The A292 is the erstwhile A20 through the centre of Ashford that came into being when the original bypass opened in 1958.

It starts at a roundabout near the old TA site at Repton Park just south of M20 junction 9, where the A20 and A28 meet, then runs into the town centre, bypassing it to the north. It then passes some industrial estates and up to Willesborough, where it meets the rather overcrowded junction 10.


The A292 once formed the whole of the Ashford ring-road, which was a one way free-for-all two miles long and varying between three and four lanes wide, right around the town centre. It was infamous for boy racers, driving instructors allegedly advised their pupils to exceed the 30mph limit and Jasper Carrott even cracked jokes about it on a visit to the town. Due to the poor safety record, the ring road was turned back into two way traffic on 1 July, 2007. The south and western sections are no longer a through route (although still labelled A292 on some maps), but part of a "shared space" scheme with a 20mph limit.

Original Author(s): Adam Colton

JunctionsLacton Interchange
CrossingsMace Lane Bridge
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