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From:Hailsham (TQ579085)
To:Upper Horsebridge (TQ594110)
Length:2.2 miles (3.5 km)
Meets: A22, B2104, A271
Former Number(s):A22, B2103
Highway Authorities

East Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A295 Hailsham - Upper Horsebridge
This article is about the current A295 in Sussex.
For the original, that was allocated to the proposed Bexleyheath Bypass in Kent, see A295 (Bexleyheath)

The A295 is a short road with an important sounding number that runs through Hailsham, Sussex.

Cottages to the north of Hailsham

The road tarts at the Arlington Eagles roundabout on the A22 dual carriageway to the south of Hailsham on the north-east corner of a large area of woodland (Wilmington Wood). The road runs into Hailsham and reaches the B2104 at a mini-roundabout. It then takes a right turn over a former railway line, with the B2104 leaving to the left, and widens up past the newly built Tesco. Formerly there was a one-way system here, with northbound traffic using North Street and southbound traffic using the High Street, but now all traffic uses North Street.

After a TOTSO right at traffic lights, the road then skirts the north-east edge of town to end at a T-junction on the A271.


What's now the A295 was originally the B2103 from the A271 to Hailsham town centre; it received this number by 1932. The remainder of the route is the pre-bypass line of the A22.

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