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From:Hounslow (TQ114764)
To:Land's End (SW347250)
Length:284 miles (457 km)
Meets: M3, M5, M25, A4, A33, A34, A36, A37, A38, A39, A303, A350
Former Number(s):A33, A341, B3313, B3379
Now part of:A343, B3400
Highway Authorities

Highways Agency • Transport for London • Bracknell Forest • Cornwall • Devon • Dorset • Hampshire • Somerset • Surrey • Wiltshire • Windsor & Maidenhead

Traditional Counties

Berkshire • Cornwall • Devon • Dorset • Hampshire • Middlesex • Somerset • Surrey • Wiltshire

Route outline (key)
A30/route Hounslow - Egham
A30/route Egham - Popham
A30/route Basingstoke - Andover - Lopcombe Corner
(A303) Popham - Bullington Cross
A30/route Micheldever Station - Sutton Scotney
A30/route Popham - St Thomas's Bridge
A30/route St Thomas's Bridge - Salisbury
(A36) Salisbury - Wilton
A30/route Wilton - Shaftesbury
A30/route Shaftesbury
A30/route Shaftesbury - Yeovil
A30/route Yeovil
A30/route Yeovil - Yarcombe
A30/route Yarcombe - Exeter
(M5) Exeter
A30/route Exeter - Penzance
A30/route Penzance - Land's End


London - Bagshot

The A30 starts its trek to Cornwall in a fairly uninspired fashion, as a congested dual-carriageway, infested with traffic lights and speed cameras. It leaves the A4 at Henlys Roundabout, just west of Hounslow, as the 'Great South West Road'. Within a mile, it has already crossed the A312, and from here to the junction with the A315 at Bedfont Lakes, the road is dominated on both sides by Heathrow's Terminal 4 and its ancillary services and businesses, such as courier, catering and car hire companies. Just before Hatton Cross tube station, you pass under the flightpath for the Southern Runway, which can be very alarming when a 747 passes right over the roof of your car. Just after the partial trumpet intersection for Terminal 4, the speed limit changes from 40 to 50, but there are still cameras every mile or so.

At Bedfont Lakes, the A30 joins the course of the London - Land's End postal route, becoming London Road for the first time. Still a dual-carriageway, it first passes Ashford Hospital and then Staines Reservoir. This section was originally a Roman road, and is fittingly, completely straight. At the Crooked Billet roundabout, the present road again departs from its original route. Whilst the traditional route takes the A308 through Staines town centre, the Staines bypass curves away towards J13 of the M25 through the middle of a 'hamburger' roundabout.

At Staines Moor roundabout, there is a filter for traffic continuing west on the A30, as well as, perhaps more importantly traffic heading towards the southbound M25 and the M3. At this point, there are 12 lanes of traffic, with 2 lanes each way being used by the A30. The road loses its primary status here as well. After crossing the River Thames, there is a tight loop, known as 'The Glanty', which runs into the Runnymede Roundabout.

Runnymede is, of course, famous as the site of the Magna Carta in 1215, and further details can be found here.

After the roundabout, the road runs around Egham on the bypass, and at the Eclipse roundabout, climbs up Egham Hill past Royal Holloway College. As the road skirts the southern edge of Windsor Great Park and passes Savill Garden, there is the first feeling that London is being left behind.

At the junction with the A329 in Virginia Water, the Wentworth Estate begins on the south side of the road. Famous for holding the European PGA Championship and The World Matchplay Championship, Wentworth's West Course is one of Britain's finest golf courses. Passing through Sunningdale, the road skirts the Berkshire border and just after passing north of Windlesham, the A322 is reached at a partial, albeit elongated, cloverleaf.

Original Author(s): mistral

Bagshot - Bullington Cross

After crossing the A322, the road descends into Bagshot before climbing for a mile and a half up to the 'Jolly Farmer' roundabout on the eastern edge of Camberley. The entire section from Egham to Blackwater is single carriageway apart from 1/2 mile at Camberley Fire Station and in Camberley but in many places has lanes that are wide enough to be suitable for overtaking. The road skirts the northern edge of central Camberley, and as you approach 'The Meadows' roundabout with the A321, you go past the Sandhurst Military College. This roundabout straddles the Surrey-Berkshire border.

Crossing the Reading to Guildford railway line at Blackwater, the road enters another new county; Hampshire. Now, very much a secondary route, it passes Blackbushe aerodrome, which has some of the biggest car auctions in the south of England. For the next ten miles, the road is mostly single carriageway, but with short stretches of dual. After Hartley Wintney, there is definitely a feeling of being in the countryside, but this is a short sensation, because after the junction with the A287 outside Hook, you are already in the outskirts of Basingstoke.

Running to the south of the town centre, there are a few roundabouts and a couple of junctions with the M3, but the dominant feature is the phenomenal amount of traffic.

The original route through the centre of Basingstoke is easily traced, but often contested. From the M3 junction, the old road would have climbed London Road into the centre of town, following the pedestrianised London Street to the Market Square, then leading out via Winchester Street. At Winton Square, the road bears right, with a TOTSO to stay on the Winchester Road; the natural route leads to Sarum Hill and out to the B3400 across the Test Valley. If this route is followed naturally, it carries us through Overton, Whitchurch and Andover, before becoming the A343 to rejoin the current A30 just east of Salisbury. This is obviously an ancient route and was indeed the A30 until 1933.

Returning to the current road, a TOTSO just before junction 7 of the M3 takes us onto the two mile A30/A33 multiplex at Dummer, the A33 carrying straight on to Popham, whilst there is a right hand TOTSO for the A30. After spending 40 miles in the shadow of the M3, we now join the road which has usurped the main road status of the A30 in West Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and East Devon: the A303.

The A30 now multiplexes with the A303 for the 5 miles to Bullington Cross, before heading south to Sutton Scotney and Stockbridge. The original route was more direct, veering left at Micheldever station, but that section is now unclassified. The A303 route is dual carriageway, albeit quite twisty and with short slip roads at the junctions.

Original Author(s): mistral

Bullington Cross - Yeovil

After its short multiplex with the A303, the A30 starts again as non-primary, running parallel to the A303 all the way to Yarcombe in Devon. This section begins at the Bullington Cross junction with the A303 and A34. The junction was built to avoid the local Bullington Cross Inn (now sadly closed and demolished) and so has a rather unusual shape - see map. From Bullington Cross the A30 briefly takes the original route of the A34, past the village of Egypt and then into Sutton Scotney, where it meets its original route at a roundabout. It continues over the current A34 along a dead straight section, where it meets a disconnected section of the A272 (not the original route, which ran along the B3049 to Stockbridge; my map marks it as a Roman road - it was the A342 until 1933 when it was downgraded to B3420 owing to the rerouting of the A30.

The rural nature of the A30 in this section is briefly interrupted at Stockbridge

At Stockbridge the A30 is joined by the A3057 at a roundabout, where it turns left for a brief multiplex. At the next roundabout the road continues right over the River Test, then to a short dual-carriageway section around Meon Hill where the original route went straight over the top. Another straight section continues across the Hampshire/Wiltshire border, past the original Haynes Garage to the A343 junction at Lopcombe Corner. The A343 from Andover was the original route of the A30. At Winterbourne Down the road has a short dual-carriageway section through a cutting, then it runs to a roundabout at St Thomas's Bridge on the outskirts of Salisbury, where it's joined by the A338. It crosses the River Bourne and goes through two more roundabouts, continuing through the district of Bishopsdown. As with all the roads on the approach to the centre of Salisbury, this road can become rather congested.

Around the centre of Salisbury there's a fairly old dual-carriageway relief road, which serves its purpose rather well – it's a pity the approaches to it are all so clogged up. A30 traffic turns right at the first roundabout for a multiplex with the A36. Once upon a time the A30 was considered more important than the A36 and this road was numbered A30, but it's been the A36 for many years now. The A36 continues round the relief road and out to the nearby town of Wilton – famous for carpets, and less famous for being the name from which “Wiltshire” was originally derived.

Here the A30 leaves again at a roundabout, running parallel to the railway line for a short distance. At Barford St Martin it swings round to the left, with the B3089 continuing straight ahead. The next stretch runs through the villages of Compton Chamberlayne and Fovant, and through Swallowcliffe and Ansty along the edge of Swallowcliffe Down and White Sheet Hill. At Ludwell it crosses the River Nadder, shortly after which it crosses the border into Dorset. It meets the A350 on the outskirts of Shaftesbury, at another roundabout where the road turns right for a short multiplex round the town centre. At the next roundabout the A30 turns left, heading out along the “Sherborne Causeway”.

It passes though East Stour, then over the River Stour to (naturally) West Stour. At Henstridge it crosses the A357, then it runs past Toomer Hill to Milborne Port. After crossing the railway line it comes in to the town of Sherborne, famous for its school and castle. After the junction with the A352 the road becomes dual carriageway for most of the four-mile journey to Yeovil. This ends at a roundabout right on the Dorset/ Somerset border, where the road crosses the River Yeo. After entering Yeovil it runs along a dual-carriageway relief road round the town centre, where it multiplexes with the A37 for a short distance. Then the A37 turns off towards Dorchester, and the A30 continues straight ahead.

Original Author(s): Guy slightly amended by BikerPaul

Yeovil - Exeter

After leaving a multiplex with the A37 skirting Yeovil town centre, it runs as a fairly quiet, gently undulating road through the villages of West Coker and East Chinnock. The A3066 branches off near Haselbury Plucknett, and then we come into the town of Crewkerne. This is a fairly nondescript South Somerset town. Here the road crosses the A356, and makes a couple of sharp turns to continue on its way out westwards. A few miles later you pass the wildlife park at Cricket St Thomas, a village that to people of a certain age that will always be associated with 'To the Manor Born', an early 1980s TV series that starred Penelope Keith. The road then continues to Chard, where it crosses the A358.

Apparently the original coaching route to Honiton continued along a now unclassified road via Stockland, and across Stockland Hill. This seems like an unsuitable place for a two-digit A-road and indeed the A30 has always had its current route around here. Certainly the milestones in the area suggest the A30 has been the commonly known and the turnpike route for over 200 years. Anyway, the route now continues rather north of that road, to cross the Devon border just before Yarcombe. Only 2 miles later, and this marks the end for this section of the A30

Mileage table

Mileage Location Road
0 London (Hounslow) A4
2 Heathrow Terminal 4
7 Staines M25 J13
16 Bagshot A322
21 Camberley A321
36 Basingstoke A339
40 Dummer M3 J7
73 Salisbury A345
93 Shaftesbury A350(N)
110 Sherborne A352
115 Yeovil A37(N)
124 Crewkerne A356
132 Chard A358
145 Honiton A35
158 Exeter M5 J29
163 Exeter M5 J31 A38(S)
178 Merrymeet A382
187 Okehampton A386
206 Launceston A388
228 Bodmin A38
239 Indian Queens A39(N)
256 Redruth A3047
274 Penzance B3311
284 Land's End

JunctionsAlphington Junction • Bellmans Cross • Black Dam Roundabout • Branwell Lane • Brighton Hill Roundabout • Bullington Cross • Bunfield Hollow Roundabout • Carland Cross • Carminow Cross • Chiverton Cross • Chy-An-Mor • Clockhouse Roundabout • Crooked Billet • Daisymount Junction • Devonshire House • Dummer Interchange • Egham Hill Roundabout • Hackwood Road Roundabout • Hatch Warren Roundabout • Hatton Cross • Henlys Roundabout • Highgate Hill Roundabout • Horsey Roundabout • Hospital Roundabout (Yeovil) • Innis Downs Junction • Iron Bridge Junction • Ivy Cross Roundabout • Kempshott Roundabout • Kennards House Junction • Loggans Moor • Mount Misery • Newtown Roundabout • Pearce's Hill • Pennygillam Junction • Popham Interchange • Pound Corner • Quicksilver Roundabout • Royal Chase Roundabout • Runnymede Interchange • Runnymede Roundabout • Sourton Down • Southay Cross • Sowton Interchange • St Marks Roundabout • The Bull Dog • Turks Head Junction • Victoria Interchange • Whiddon Down Junction • Winchester Road Roundabout
ServicesBasingstoke services
CrossingsEasthams Bridge • Haselbury Bridge • High Bridge (Dorset) • Launceston Bypass Bridge • Palmersbridge • Runnymede Viaducts • Sticklepath Bypass Bridge • Stockbridge • Yarcombe Bridge
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