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From:Bassaleg (ST277869)
To:Nantgarw (ST121853)
Length:11.9 miles (19.2 km)
Meets: A467, A469, A470, A4054
Now part of:B4600
Highway Authorities

Newport • Caerphilly • Rhondda Cynon Taf

Traditional Counties

Glamorgan • Monmouthshire

Route outline (key)
A468 Bassaleg - Nantgarw


The A468 is an east-west road in south Wales.

Originally the easternmost end of the road began at the Handpost Pub at the junction of the original route of the A467 (now B4591) and proceeded along Bassaleg Road before reaching the current starting point.

Bassaleg - Nantgarw

The A468 to the west of Bassaleg
Newport in 1927 showing the original east end of the A468

The current starting point of A468 is at a junction of the re-routed A467 just to the north of M4 junction 28. It heads westwards towards Caerphilly and on to the A470. It is single carriageway, and much less urbanised than the A467. The eastern section follows the Rhymney River through Machen and Bedwas, before bypassing Caerphilly (complete with castle and leaning tower) to the north.

The north-west section of the Caerphilly bypass threads its way through the edge of town, and is a multiplex with the A469, which runs south towards Cardiff. Road signs confusingly sign this section as A468/A469, giving neither number dominance. There then follows a short stretch of dual carriageway before we reach the A470 at a grade separated roundabout. The road ahead runs to the A4054 (former A470). Although logic would have this as the western end of the A468 it is actually numbered as a spur of the A4054.

RoadsEuroVelo 1 • NCN4
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