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From:Hilton Bypass (SK254311)
To:Derby (SK347363)
Length:6.7 miles (10.8 km)
Meets: A5132, A50, A38, A5111, A601
Now part of:A5132, B5020
Highway Authorities

Derby • Derbyshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A516 Hatton - Hilton Bypass
A516 Hilton Bypass - Mickleover Bypass
(A38) Mickleover Bypass
A516 Mickleover Bypass - Derby


The A516 originally ran from the junction with the A50 (now A511) at Hatton to Derby city centre via Hilton, Etwall and Mickleover. Road improvements over the past thirty years have shortened the road, and it now bypasses Etwall and ignores Hilton and Mickleover entirely. Although the road is now essentially a short cut between the A50 and A38, it’s worth visiting the original starting point to take advantage of the Salt Box transport café. It may be a bit off the beaten track now but remains an extremely popular place with truckers, white-shirted managers, OAPs, cyclists, motorcyclists, in fact just about everyone on wheels. Check it out.

Hilton Bypass - Derby

Mickleover bypass

The modern road begins at the A50 GSJ at J5 north of Hilton. Almost immediately it bypasses Etwall village. The Etwall Bypass opened in 1992. Prior to the opening of the bypass, the A516 ran through Etwall via Hilton Road and Main Street. A short two miles on it swings away from the old road, becoming a dual carriageway before going under the GSJ for Mickleover and sweeping down to join the A38 northbound. (The old road becomes the B5020.)

The A516 has a short multiplex with the A38. After a short distance, the A516 leaves the A38 and veers off to the east toward Derby city centre. Shortly after leaving the A38, the A516 reaches a roundabout with the B5020 and the old and new roads rejoin each other again.

The A516 then meets the A5111 at a traffic-light-controlled junction, after which the dual carriageway remains for a short distance. The road then becomes single-carriageway and meets the A601 at a roundabout built in 2011 as part of the Connecting Derby Project.

The A516 is a former trunk road. It was partially detrunked in 1990 and the remainder was detrunked in 2002.

Original Author(s): Lez Watson

JunctionsA50 J5 • Uttoxeter New Road Roundabout
RoadsT54 (Britain)
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