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Nottingham City Rd
From:Queens Drive,Nottingham (SK568390)
To:London Rd,Nottingham (SK577391)
Via:Nottingham Station
Length:0.6 miles (1 km)
Meets: A453, A60
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


This article is about the current A6019 in Nottingham.
For the original A6019 in Sheffield, see A6019 (Sheffield)

Route : Nottingham City Road

This route provides a southern bypass of Nottingham City Centre diverting traffic off the A6008 between the A453 and A60.

Approaching Nottingham from the A453/A52 junction the more observant of you will spot that the route confirmation sign has A453 patched onto it. This is because this stretch used to be the A6019 when the A453 was routed via Castle Donington and then Long Eaton along the current A6005. However, the previous route of the A6019 then turned into the Meadows area as this stretch of A453 is moderately new build - my guess is 1970s?

Regardless, following the A453 into Nottingham after skirting the Meadows the 40 limit drops to 30 at a set of lights, the A453 effectively TOTSOs here though it is more of a fork in the road the way the junction is set up. Wilford Road, then Wilford Street, the A453, the left fork, crosses over a narrow bridge followed by the Nottingham Canal towards the Broad Marsh centre and a signalled junction with the A6008/A6005, its terminus; the right fork (Waterway St) is the A6019. In the last few years the traffic has been re-signed onto the A6019 rather than sending it directly into the centre. The road is S4 but realistically the lanes are a bit too narrow for this. Skirting the north-west of the Meadows there are two signalled junctions, one to provide entry for those who dare (bullet proof vests ) and another to allow buses to turn in to approach the Station. The A6019 veers off above this route (Sheriff's Way) to meet the station at another signalled crossroads where traffic can only head straight on - in either direction (curiously, coming from the other way South down Carrington St, there is a sign saying "No left turn, offenders will be prosecuted" as well as a no right turn roundel on the lights, prior to which there is a "Buses/taxis only straight ahead" - as a car driver you can enter this via Station St perfectly legally but can end up with the only option of a U-turn!). Heading straight on (Queen's Road) skirting the South of the station, on a S4 which used to be S2 one-way but was remodelled and as such has even narrower lanes, we approach a large signalled junction with the A60 where the route terminates.

Incidentally, the previous route of the A6019 has been preserved as a cycle/walkway through the Meadows area, you can see it on this map as the narrow white line just north of the pedestrian bridge. Another map showing the old route can be found in the SABRE image gallery if you search A648. _________________

Original Author(s): ForestChav

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