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From:Watersheddings (SD941056)
To:Ripponden (SE039197)
Length:12.1 miles (19.5 km)
Meets: A62, B6197, A640, A6052, M62, A58
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Calderdale • Oldham • Rochdale

Traditional Counties

Lancashire • Yorkshire

Route outline (key)
A672 Watersheddings - Ripponden

The A672 is best avoided if the weather is poor as snow drifts can rapidly cover it. However, on a decent day it is quite a pleasant, but bleak, run across the Pennines.

The start of the road in eastern Oldham is nothing special, apart from the numerous variations of a Snow Warning Sign that are positioned at the entry to it in order to deter crossing in bad weather. An urban section of road, which slowly climbs upwards as it leaves Oldham, follows until eventually the houses stop beyond Sholver, the road becomes 40mph and the moors strike into view. Beyond here if it snows the road will be closed.

The A672 north of Denshaw

As the road climbs upwards, a tricky crossroads exists at Grains Bar, before the road drops dramatically into the village of Denshaw which is signposted as the tourist outpost for Saddleworth. Here, the A672 crosses over the A640 and also meets the A6052 at a busy five-way junction in the centre of the village - where signs still denote the road as primary and the road to Halifax, and then there is a climb back out towards the bleak wilds of the moors. After some very tight bends and sweeping alignments, the road meets the Pennine Way footpath and crosses the historic county boundary (again - Denshaw is also in the West Riding) therefore crossing into Calderdale and then, now with National Speed Limit, meeting the M62 at Junction 22 which is the highest point on England's motorway system - and given that the junction features cattle grids, it feels very remote until you realise the whole area is floodlit with street lights to mitigate the almost daily fogs that occur at this altitude.

The road ahead is twisty and prone to ice in winter, but is now a test site for LED road studs, which were installed in February 2010. The studs start at the end of the dual carriageway and transition traffic into the darkness of the road, before the next set guides traffic over the dogleg at Oxygrains Bridge. It is very dark on this road at night, the trail of streetlights make it easier to get bearings on the twisty road - especially as there is a very unforgiving drop into the Booth Wood Reservoir below! Passing the recently re-opened Turnpike Inn the road then passes the infamous Moselden Lane turning (unsavoury activities abound up there!) and the speed limit reduces to 40mph as the road twists down a steep descent into Ripponden. As it passes Rishworth School the limit drops to 30mph, and the road becomes very urban before it terminates with little ceremony at the signalised Y-junction with the A58.

JunctionsRockingstone Moss Interchange • Watersheddings
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