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From:Greenock (NS279762)
To:Monkton (NS366286)
Length:40.6 miles (65.3 km)
Meets: A8, A770, A760, A738, A737, A71, A737, A759, A79, A77
Former Number(s):A742
Now part of:A770, A738, A737
Primary Destinations
Ayr • Greenock • Irvine
Highway Authorities

Transport Scotland

Traditional Counties

Ayrshire • Renfrewshire

Route outline (key)
A78 Gourock - Bankfoot
A78 Greenock - Monkton



The A78 in Largs
Main Article: A78 route

The A78 is a major road that runs between Greenock and Monkton via Irvine. Hugging close to the Firth of Clyde it is a road of two halves. The northern section is mostly unimproved though the various towns and villages of the route while the southern half is a D2/D3 high standard dual carriageway.


Main Article: A78 history

Over the years the A78 has had many improvement over the years. The biggest change was a rerouteing of the northern end of the road in 1985. Most of the improvements though are on the southern section of the road starting from the Three Towns.

Notable locations and improvements

Bankfoot Roundabout

A770 view of roundabout
Main Article: Bankfoot Roundabout

Bankfoot Roundabout is where the A78 used to TOTSO before the 1985 rerouteing. Originally a T-junction and later a D2 T-junction, in 2005 it was upgraded to a roundabout and made the junction far safer.

Rothesay Ferry

The Rothesay ferry at dock at Wyness Bay
Main Article: Rothesay Ferry

The Rothesay ferry is the southern Ferry for the Isle of Bute. It is by far the busier of the two as it docks by Wemyss Bay railway Station. The crossing takes 35 minutes.

Cumbrae Ferry

The Cumbrae Ferry in 2006
Main Article: Cumbrae Ferry

The Cumbrae Ferry is the sole crossing to Great Cumbrae Island. Accessed via the B7025 it is a short 10 minute ferry and is a busy route.

Newhouse Interchange

The interchange from the south.
Main Article: Newhouse Interchange

The Newhouse Interchange marks the end of the Irvine bypass. Built in the 1970's, it is a busy roundabout.

Opening Dates

Month Year Section Notes
2005 Bankfoot Roundabout Junction rebuilt to roundabout
2004 Three Towns Bypass S2+1/D2 bypass of the Three Towns
1985 Spango Valley Road rerouted onto old A742.
1976 Irvine Bypass D2/D3 bypass of Irvine.


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JunctionsBankfoot Roundabout • Chapelhill Roundabout • Dundonald Interchange • Dutch House Roundabout • Eglinton Interchange • Hunterston Roundabout • Monktonhead Roundabout • Montfode Roundabout • Newhouse Interchange • Pennyburn Roundabout • Sharphill Roundabout • Southannan Roundabout • Warrix Interchange
CrossingsCumbrae Ferry • Rothesay Ferry
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