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From:Kincardine (NS941870)
To:Kinross (NO109027)
Length:17.3 miles (27.8 km)
Meets: A985, A876, A907, A823, M90, A922
Highway Authorities

Transport Scotland • Clackmannanshire • Perth & Kinross

Traditional Counties

Clackmannshire • Fife • Kinrossshire • Perthshire

Route outline (key)
A977 Longannet - Gartarry
A977 Gartarry - Kinross


One of the main routes between Northern Fife and Glasgow and the West. Formerly a primary route for its entire length.

Kincardine - Kinross

The A977 starts as a trunk road to the east of the town of Kincardine at the Longannet Roundabout where it meets the A985. The A985 bypasses Kincardine to the south on the Eastern Link Road which opened in 2006 and the A977 follows the previous route of the A985 into Kincardine where it meets the A876 Northern Approach Road at the previous terminus of the A977.

From here the road heads north from the town to the Kilbagie Roundabout where the A876 from the Clackmannanshire Bridge terminates. A short distance to the north is the Gartarry Roundabout where the A977 is crossed by the A907, this is also the end of the trunk road, the A977 continues as a non-primary road maintained by the local councils.

The road continues north-east through the village of Blairingone to multiplex with the A823 at Powmill, which heads south from here; around a mile to the north, at Rumbling Bridge, the multiplex ends and the A823 heads north.

The A977 continues through Crook of Devon and passes Balado, where the 'T In The Park' music festival is held every year, before reaching junction 6 of the M90 to the west of Kinross. Kinross services are accessed from the A977 just to the west of the roundabout at Kinross Junction.


The A977 was not on the 1922 Road Lists; it came into existence some years later when it took over part of the route of the B910. That road ran from Clackmannan to Kinross; the section from Rumbling Brige to Kinross was redesignated as the A977. Some time later the section from Rumbling Bridge to Gartlove was added, along with a new section of road running south from Gartlove to Kincardine. Following the construction of the Kincardine Bridge in 1935, the A977 crossed the Forth and after a brief multiplex with the A905 turned west to meet the A9 just north of Larbert. This stretch was renumbered as the A876 some time in the early 1950s.

At the Kinross end, a short section of the A977 was lost with the coming of the M90 in 1972. It now terminated at junction 6 of the motorway; the lost section was renumbered as the B918.

Some realignments have also occurred over the years, the most noticeable was to by-pass the small settlement at Balado.

JunctionsGartarry Roundabout • Kilbagie Roundabout • Kinross Junction • Longannet Roundabout
ServicesKinross services
CrossingsKincardine Bridge
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