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From:Edenbridge (TQ442470)
To:Hildenborough (TQ572484)
Length:9.7 miles (15.6 km)
Meets: B2026, B269, B2042, B2176, B245
Former Number(s):B269
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2027 Edenbridge - Hildenborough
Junction at Bough Beech

The B2027 starts at a 'give way' sign on the B2026 between Edenbridge High Street and the Railway Station. It sets off in a North Easterly direction.

It passes through Mowshurst and turns right at the Four Elms Cross Roads. There the other roads are the B269 and B2042. Until the 1970s it turned right along Five Fields Lane before reaching Four Elms; its route has been lengthened by taking over the southernmost section of the B269.

At Bough Beech it goes over and under the London - Tonbridge Railway Line which it crossed for the first time back in Edenbridge and then passes Penshurst Railway Station over a mile later. The B2176 leaves here.

The B2027 passes through the woods and then turns northerly in Leigh, finally leaving the railway line behind. It passes under the A21 and the Southeastern Main Line. The B2027 then terminates in Hildenborough at a 'STOP' sign where it joins the B245, which is the pre-bypass route of the A21.