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From:Silverton (W) (SS945035)
To:Clyst Honiton (E) (SX997946)
Length:7.7 miles (12.4 km)
Met (1961): A396, A38, A30
Former Number(s):B3184
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3185 Silverton - Gypsy Corner
(A38) Gypsy Corner - Broadclyst
B3185 Broadclyst - Clyst Honiton

Originally, the B3185 crossed between the A396 and A38 (now the B3181) to the north of Exeter.

It split from the A396 about half a mile northwest of Silverton. It headed through the village before swinging south near Silverton Park to cross the railway line by Silverton's distant station and then the River Culm. It passed Killerton Park before reaching the A38 just to the north of Gypsy Corner; this final section was severed by the M5 in the 1970s.

As stated above, the B3185 originally ended here but in 1935 it was extended along the entire route of the B3185. It therefore multiplexed along the A38 to the far side of Broadclyst before regaining its number. It zigzagged through Dog Village before crossing another railway line by Broad Clyst station and ending on the then-A30.

The entire road is now unclassified; this may be connected to the building of the M5.

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