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From:Dartmouth (SX866512)
To:Modbury (SX658516)
Via:Moreleigh, Gara Bridge & California Cross
Length:15.3 miles (24.6 km)
Met: A379, A381, B3196, A379
Now part of:A3122
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3207 Dartmouth - Halwell
(A381) Halwell
B3207 Halwell - California Cross
(B3196) California Cross
B3207 California Cross - Modbury
The former B3207 (now A3122) east of Halwell

The B3027 still "exists" in part on the ground between California Cross and Modbury on signage and a route confirmation sign, though it is not shown on maps as it was decommissioned in 1991.

The road is signed as the main route to Dartmouth from Modbury, and the preferred route to Modbury from Short Cross, though it is only 5-10 minutes shorter that taking the A379, however it does benefit from having fewer gradients.

From Modbury the B3027 left the A379 from the bottom of the steep hill, where Dartmouth is 15 miles away along "Old Dartmouth Road". Traffic from Plymouth can benefit from taking the signed route at the top of the hill round the back of Modbury thus avoiding the steep gradients. The road is S2 or S1 through out and there is evidence that the road has been narrowed in the burn off centre lines. There are a number of campsites served around California Cross that provide most of the traffic apart from the locals taking short cuts.

At California Cross the road multiplexes with the B3196, heading to Dartmouth the B3207 TOTSOs right after the petrol station, whilst in the reverse direction the B3196 TOTSOs. After California Cross the road is mainly S1 as it makes its steep decent down to Gara Bridge. The hump-back bridge here has a 10T weight and a 25ft length restriction, probably the cause of the downgrading.

The other side of the river the road becomes spookily well maintained and well built in comparison to the rest; the steep incline back up is S2 though out until the village of Morleigh is reached where it becomes S1 and the speed limit is cut to 20mph. It meets here the popular back route to Dittisham and Avonwick before TOTSOing off towards the village of Halwell. This incurs another steep decline and incline, though this can be avoided by taking the flatter road out to Short Cross, however both ways will deposit you onto the A381.

The rest of the route is now the A3122 to Dartmouth; this was the only part of the road deemed worthy of continued classification in 1991.

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