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From:Culdrose Airfield (SW682242)
To:St Keverne (SW790212)
Length:9.5 miles (15.3 km)
Meets: A3083, B3294
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3293 Link in Helston
B3293 Culdrose Airfield - St Keverne
B3293 Mawgan Cross - Gweek
Milestone beside the B3293 at Garras

The B3293 is a route entirely on the Lizard Peninsula of Cornwall.

It leaves the A3083 at a roundabout bound for St Keverne from the area south of RNAS Culdrose. It passes hangars on the extreme south of the airfield before reaching the countryside. As it drops down into Rosevear there is a 40 mph limit and at the far end of the village the limit drops to 30 where there is a small roundabout next to a war memorial cross (not to be confused with Mawgan Cross, which stands just over half a mile away to the northeast in Mawgan village centre). The first exit from the roundabout is marked on the Advanced Direction Sign as another branch of the B3293, but this was downgraded some years ago. Taking the third exit, a school is passed and at the next village of Garras the limit increases to 40.

The road passes through woodland before coming out onto an area of open heath. Ahead on the right is the currently closed Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station with its giant telecommunications dishes. In this area the road runs arrow-straight for a mile and half and after a gentle bend is a further straight. After a section with several tight bends, the road divides at Crousa Common with the B3294 taking the right fork and running to Coverack. The B3293 continues to St Keverne, where it ends at the church, all forward routes being unclassified.


The B3293 had another section until fairly recently. From the war memorial by Rosevear it ran down through the woods on Gweek Drive to meet the B3291 on the southwest side of Gweek. This section, which had earlier been numbered B3362, has been unclassified for 15 years or so.

The road also had another section for a while, being Meneage Road, Helston. That was a renumbered B3295. The A394 latterly took over the bottom half of that road when it got its bypass of Helston and the top half became unclassified and is now, in-part, a one-way street northwards.

The road has been re-routed at the start because of RNAS Culdrose. It originally shared a crossroads with the B3291 at Gilly Gabben and then ran straightish to join the B3295 (now A3083) in an area which is now buried under the runways. Following the construction of the airfield, it terminated the B3291 at the former crossroads and took the former route of that road to a junction with the A3083 further south. When the airfield was extended by the building of new accommodation blocks, it was re-routed again on a new section created to join the A3083 still further south. The second incarnation of this section can be glimpsed through the fence of the airfield and still has its original lane divider in place. The original route ran along what is now an unclassified no-through route to the public viewing enclosure at the airfield. The old road can again be glimpsed though the fence although now marked just as an airfield road.

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