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From:Templeton (SN112119)
To:Princes Gate (SN134127)
Length:1.6 miles (2.6 km)
Meets: A478, B4314
Former Number(s):A4072
Old route now:A4115
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4315 Cross Hands - Templeton
B4315 Templeton - Princes Gate
Cold Blow – after a shower

The B4315 is a short link road in southern Pembrokeshire.

Today it is at Templeton, on the A478, that the B4315 begins its run towards Princes Gate, southeast of Narberth. Formerly, however, the route began some 4 km further west at Cross Hands, on the A4075.

The original eastern end of the B4315 was in Templeton. By the early 1930s it had been extended east along the former A4072 to meet the newly rerouted B4314 at Princes Gate, lengthening the road to its fullest extent.

The original Cross Hands to Templeton section is now entirely the A4115 and has been since 1935, meaning this road no longer runs along any of its original route.