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From:Ciliau Aeron (SN500588)
To:Dihewyd (SN484588)
Length:2.6 miles (4.2 km)
Meets: A482, B4342
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


This article is about the current B4339 near Aberaeron in Cardiganshire.
For the original B4339 also in Cardiganshire, from New Quay to Ystrad Aeron, see B4339 (New Quay - Ystrad Aeron)

Route : Ciliay Aeron - Dihewyd

Ciliau Aeron

The B4339 starts at Ciliau Aeron at a 'give way' sign leading to the A482 and runs in a South Westerly direction.

The first village at a height of 149m is Tynant followed by the descent to a small stream which it crosses. The B4339 then climbs to a height of 202m then onwards to the finish at Dihewd. At this village it joins the B4342