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Loxley Road
From:Malin Bridge (SK325893)
To:Damflask Reservoir (SK285907)
Length:2.7 miles (4.3 km)
Meets: A6101, B6076
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Traditional Counties


The B607x routes all belong to a group running around or leading to and from Sheffield city centre.


Malin Bridge - Damflask Reservoir

There have been campaigns in the past to resurface this entire road, as the current surface is horrible, particularly through the residential section. Because the road is as flat as it gets in the area, it is popular with cyclists. There have been people injured before when they have run into a particularly bad pothole.

Stacey Bank

The road is also called Loxley Road for all its length.

It begins at Malin Bridge in North-West Sheffield on the A6101 and starts in a 30 zone which we keep for the first one and a half miles. However, most drivers ignore this because the road is wide and reasonably straight and 40+ is common. Cars park both sides but the road is still plenty wide enough. The first bit has only a few houses, but as we round the next corner the road is lined with them on both sides. We then head slightly right and then up a long straight, which changes to 40mph halfway along. We keep this as the road enters a more rural setting, before changing to NSL.

Now the road becomes very straight and visibility is very good. This means that you may get overtaken by a mad boy racer doing 70-80mph in a bike or a car. We climb up, level out and then drop down again, and the road is ruler straight. Then we get to the small hamlet of Stacey Bank and drop steeply into a dip and round a chicane. The road is much narrower here. We then descend slightly and end with a lovely view of Dam Flask in front of us. At this point the B6076 turns off to the left along New Road over the dam.

In the past there has been discussions that the B6077 should continue along Loxley Road into Bradfield.

Original Author(s): Andyman

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