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From:Fauldhouse (NS932607)
To:Wilkieston (NT113684)
Length:14.9 miles (24 km)
Meets: B7010, A706, B792, A705, A899, B8046, B7031, A71
Highway Authorities

West Lothian

Traditional Counties

West Lothian

Route outline (key)
B7015 Wilkieston - Livingston
(A705) Livingston
B7015 Livingston - Fauldhouse

The B7015 is a minor road that links many of the more rural comunities is the south of West Lothian to Livingston, running parallel to the A71. Indeed much of the route was historically the A71



Wilkiston to Livingston

The Camps

The B7015 begins its life just to the West of the village of Wilkiston, where it follows the original route of the A71. restricted to 50mph it heads first northwards through countryside passing near to The Camps Industial Estate. Before long we approach the first settlement as the speed limit drops first to 40 and then 30mph and we enter East Calder. The road rapidly becomes more built up and narrow (along with humps) as we pass through a traditional town centre. A traffic light controlled T-Junction leads us out of East Calder and almost immediately into the village of Mid Calder, passing through another traditional town centre. Here the original route of the A71 turns off to the left onto an unclassified road, but we go straight on to form a loop to the south of the modern village where the limit returns to 40mph. Soon we come to a TOTSO where we turn right back onto what was once the route of the A705.

A short semi-rural section takes us under the A899 Almond Bridge and, after a drop back to 30mph, over the recently renovated historic monument of the Howden Bridge. Entering Livingston proper we again TOTSO to the left and regain a more urban feel as we head through a mini roundabout and past the new Livingston Civic Centre on the left and on the right the Howden Centre and the (currently abandoned) Grade II listed Howden House. Sweeping uphill we reach the Breahead Interchange which after passing through we bisect a Commercial Estate before turning sharp right at a mini roundabout into the historic Livingston Village - the original seed for the New Town.

Livingston to Bents

Even though we are passing through the oldest part of Livingston there is little sign with houses dating from the 1960s on the left and the 1990s on the right. We quickly leave Livingston village at a roundabout where turning left we join a multiplex with the current A705 (where ironically we also turn off the traditional route of the A705) and we are back to 40mph. Soon at a traffic light junction we lose the A705 to the right and head on into the Kirkton Campus commercial zone. Taking a circuitous loop through the campus we eventually reach the outskirts where another TOTSO takes us out of Livingston.

Turning more rural we pass over a narrow traffic light controlled bridge and reach our first NSL as we pass through extensive countryside. Soon after a sharp left bend we have another TOTSO to the right, and we quickly drop back to 30mph for another narrow bridge and the hamlet of City Farm. Back to NSL the road winds it way through the countryside passing the now defunct Freeport Designer Outlet/Leisure Village, before we reach a traffic light controlled staggered junction.

Through the junction we are back to 30mph and a succession of speed humps greet us as we enter the village of Stonyburn. A perfect example of ribbon development the villages of Stonyburn and Bents have grown along the road here and into each other and the transition between the villages has now been lost with the local signs referring to Sonyburn/Bents, but eventually we leave the village and losing the humps the limit is back up to NSL.

Bents to Fauldhouse

Passing a hazardous NSL crossroads we continue in rural surroundings through a mixture of farmlands and immature woodland into the town of Fauldhouse where we are back to 30mph. As we reach the town centre the limit drops to 20mph and we again pick up the speed humps. At a T-Junction in the centre of Fauldhouse we at last reach the end of the B7015.

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