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Only one way to go: To the A232 eastbound. At Croydon Tramlink crossover of the A232.
Croydon tramlink crosses the A232 at Addiscombe Road.
Queue of traffic on the A232 waiting for no apparent conflicting movements.JPG
Traffic waits on the A232 to cross the Croydon Tramlink. The junction also contains two side roads and often appears to halt traffic on the A232 with no conflicting movements elsewhere.
A232 on the rise-Shirley Road.jpg
Three lanes of the A232 climb towards the roundabout turn for Shirley. This is the very best bit of the A232 but it lasts for only a quarter of a mile.
A232 destinations.jpg
Plenty of forward destinations, near and far, on the A232 Shirley Road. Shame only one lane is for the continuance of the route.
Croydon Desktop.jpg
The Croydon Canyon - A212 Wellesley Road, Croydon Underpass, and the central reservation tram tracks
Croydon Underpass postcard.jpg
The Underpass, Croydon.
Park Hill Rd (B243) (C) N Chadwick - Geograph - 2161185.jpg
Park Hill Rd (B243) (C) N Chadwick