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Sunbury Cross
30 Sunbury edited.JPG
Pre-Worboys 30 at exit from M3 in Sunbury
M3 to M4 proposed route - Coppermine - 164.jpg
M3 to M4 proposed route


Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 30, 2005 by M4Simon
M3, December 1964 - Coppermine - 19153.jpg
M3, December 1964

Plans are being made for the similarly slow run from London to the West and Southampton.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 22, 2008 by SteveA30
Sunbury Cross original plan.png
Original plan for Sunbury Cross from the mid-1960s with an additional roundabout for Ringway 3. This layout was later abandoned as most of the turning traffic would be funnelled onto the C/D lanes between the two roundabouts which would have limited capacity. This plan also shows Ringway 3 meeting the roundabout at-grade.
Sunbury Cross freeflow design.png
Freeflow design for the M3/Ringway 3 junction at Sunbury as an improvement to the originally proposed two roundabout junction. The roundabout at M3 J1 would have east facing slip roads only to encourage traffic onto Ringway 3 rather than the A308. It was also felt unnecessary to have connections between Ringway 3 and the M3/A316 into London.
Sunbury Cross stacked roundabout.png
An alternative layout for the M3/Ringway 3 junction at Sunbury Cross following the decision to abandon the original two roundabout plan.