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Scotch Corner

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Scotch Corner
Location Map
A1 sign @ Scotch Corner.JPG
The A1 approaching Scotch Corner
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Middleton Tyas
Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roundabout Interchange
Roads Joined
A1, A66, A6108
Junctions related to the A6108
Ripon Bypass Roundabout

Scotch Corner is a junction between the A1, A66 and A6108 in Yorkshire, close to the village of Middleton Tyas and a few miles south of Darlington.

It plays host to a hotel and a service area, but little else. Despite this it is an important primary destination signed from many miles away including from the M6 and is one of the best known junctions in the country.

The reason for its fame and the name it takes is because this is the turning point for traffic wishing to go to Scotland. Those wanting to go to Glasgow would take the A66 West, but those for Edinburgh would continue on the A1.

This was especially true before the construction of the M6 where HGV drivers would often use the A1 as far north as Scotch Corner in order to avoid having to negotiate the notorious A6 over Shap.



In 1922 this was a small junction on the A66 - with the A1 a couple of miles to the east. This had changed by 1924, when the A1 took the route via the junction.

The A1 in the vicinity of Scotch Corner was dualled in the 1950s or early 60s. The A66 junction became an at-grade roundabout. A short distance to the south there was a separate at-grade priority junction with the A6108, with a gap in the central reservation. In 1971 an improvement was completed, which included diverting a one-mile stretch of the A1 eastward onto its present line, building the present elongated roundabout and the two bridges which carry it, and combining the A66 and A6108 junctions into one.

The pre-1971 alignment of the A1 is clearly discernible today in aerial photographs or large-scale maps, and includes the present northbound on-slip road (on the line of the former northbound carriageway), the present lorry park (on the line of the former southbound carriageway), most of the present dualled section of the A6108, and a grassed strip to the south with hedges each side. To the north-west of the roundabout, the pre-dualling line of the A1 can also be seen.

The dualling of a section of the A66 immediately west of the junction was completed in 2007, with essentially no effect on the layout of the junction. In the same year, the six 36-year-old reinforced concrete piers of the two bridges, which were presumably in poor condition, were demolished and rebuilt in place. This perhaps indicates that the Highways Agency was content to retain the present geometry of the bridges for decades to come, even though it is incapable of accommodating a full D3M layout beneath.


Scotch Corner falls within the Leeming to Barton section of the A1, which is proposed to be generally upgraded to D3M standard, but reducing to D2M within this junction. This would mean little change within the junction, as the 1971 diversion has always had hard shoulders. The parallel local access road would combine with the A6108 at the south end of the junction.

The Leeming to Barton upgrade was covered by the same public inquiry as the Dishforth to Leeming section and it was originally expected that both sections would be built together. The inquiry reported in spring 2008 and recommended that Leeming-Barton be modified by the addition of further sections of parallel local access road. Construction therefore began in spring 2009 on Dishforth to Leeming only. It was stated that Leeming to Barton would follow in 2011 or 2012. By March 2010 the start of work had been put back to 2014. It may well be delayed again in one of the further rounds of public spending cuts expected in the next few years, or even cancelled.


Route To Notes


The NORTH, Darlington, Newcastle


The SOUTH, Wetherby


Brough, Penrith



Scotch Corner services

Scotch Corner services


Piercebridge Accessed via A1


The NORTH, Darlington, Newcastle


The SOUTH, Wetherby


Scotch Corner
ServicesScotch Corner services
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