Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

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Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by Skipsy » Sat Oct 23, 2021 20:52

So I just found this channel that's been posting videos of crashes occurring at a width restriction in Watford.
Here is is on GSV

I think the width of the passage is actually narrower than what's signposted, so narrow that plenty seem to misjudge it completely.
This video talks about it, was posted almost 3 years ago, and apparently crashes have been happening for years (according to someone in the video) yet it hasn't been fixed?
Not only that, but plenty of people seem to just go through the bus gate anyway, (probably to avoid damaging their car!)

Side note, I've never seen a bi-directional lane before (that isn't lane controlled by signs).

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Re: Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by KeithW » Sat Oct 23, 2021 21:10

What I see is simply appalling driving, I used to drive through a restriction on Camrose Avenue every day which was even narrower, looking at the paint marks on the poles people misjudged that too.

https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.60155 ... 8192?hl=en

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Re: Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by Glen » Sat Oct 23, 2021 21:19

Given that cars clearly can get through without causing damage to themselves, I don't think the whether the signed width is accurate or not has any bearing on drivers of cars hitting the posts. It's simply people going too fast and/or not judging the position of their vehicle.

Having said that, the steel posts right at the edge of the kerb seem a somewhat hazardous way to enforce a width restriction, high containment kerbs would have the desired effect of prohibiting HGVs, while posing less risk to drivers who misjudge their position.

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Re: Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by ravenbluemoon » Sat Oct 23, 2021 21:35

I used to work a bit around the Watford area and have noticed a few of these restrictions, though not necessarily with that weird bus lane bit. Generally, if you pass through at under about 10mph then they're a doddle in most cars.

Saying that, the signed width restriction on that example just doesn't seem right. If you move the view forwards and then look back, you'll see that it is just wide enough for the Ford Focus(?) to pass through. That's got to be less than 2.1m? When I built my garage a couple of years ago, I had to deal with a quite narrow entrance (the lower parts of the doors fold up as the ground in front slopes) and I have it measured at 1.85m at the narrowest point. A Transit will fit though!
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Re: Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by doebag » Sat Oct 23, 2021 21:39

Looking at GSV 2021, a large Transit Luton type van has got through without damage.

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Re: Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by B1040 » Sat Oct 23, 2021 22:55

In the posted video, few of the cars seem to be going fast. I would guess most of the drivers are looking at the bollard on the middle of the road and neglecting the kerbside one.
Without knowing the area and circumstances, it does seem a rather hostile way to restrict width. If there are as many accidents as the video makers claim, something is wrong with the design. Other width restrictions I know don't do this.

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Re: Woodmere Avenue Width Restriction

Post by Piatkow » Sun Oct 24, 2021 01:51

Looking on GSV there is a white marking in front of a dropped kerb immediately before the gate. This could cause some drivers to misalign their approach.

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