IRL: MSA progress and signage

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Re: IRL: MSA progress and signage

Post by IrlRon » Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:37

Supposedly the N69 upgrade is an EU-requirement due to Limerick - Foynes being designated a part of the Ten-T network. It is a national secondary route (mostly known as the "scenic route" to Tralee), though its many years since I travelled any sort of distance on it IIRC its of grand standard for the amount of traffic it carries (which in no one's book justifies a motorway). Even the NRA are saying they will only do this project because the EU is making them and it's at the bottom of their priority list... ... 87160.html

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Re: IRL: MSA progress and signage

Post by nirs » Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:39

Interesting. There are a number of roads in NI that are part of the TEN-T network (core or comprehensive), but I'm not aware of any requirement on Roads Service to upgrade them for this reason.
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Re: IRL: MSA progress and signage

Post by CrackersA361 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 18:22

Surely if the EU are leaning on the NRA to get on with this project then they will be stumping up a sizeable (if not all) of the money required for this?

Also, I doubt they'd use an N/M3x number for the route because it follows the N69 so closely. They'd tie it in to the N18 Limerick ring road and run it straight out parallel to the N69, thus meeting, or passing close to, all of the settlements already served by the road.

Thinking about it further, I suspect the maximum we'd get is a HQDC N69 because for it to tie into the N18 at the Limerick end it would have to be all-purpose.

The only other solution (that might then involve an N/M3x number) would be to utilise the fancy spur at M20 J3 and run something past Raheen Business Park before turning westwards further north, closer to the N69. I think this would be more logical as it would save duplicating what is already a decent route along the M20 out of Limerick and prevent having to tamper with the Limerick ring road which would be pretty disruptive.

All speculation at the present though! :)

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Re: IRL: MSA progress and signage

Post by AndyB » Mon Jun 02, 2014 18:39

CrackersA361 wrote:Also, I doubt they'd use an N/M3x number for the route because it follows the N69 so closely.
That's the point - the N69 would be upgraded to a National Primary Route in the process as per the N30 (formerly N79) and N26 (formerly N57).

From the SABRE Wiki: N30 :

The N30 is a short, but important link road between the M11 just north of Enniscorthy and the N25 at New Ross, allowing traffic between these areas to avoid Wexford.

At the Enniscorthy end, the route initially follows a bypass around the north of the town, opened on 18th July 2019, meeting the N80 and providing a new crossing of the River Urrin, before

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