Parallel route to M62, for Bradford / Leeds / York ?

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Re: Parallel route to M62, for Bradford / Leeds / York ?

Postby SC2 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 15:48

I was waiting for someone to say that :wink:

I think the difference is it may not be as technically challenging, but on the political side of things I think it'd be far more difficult.
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Re: Parallel route to M62, for Bradford / Leeds / York ?

Postby Ritchie333 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 16:06

Even without the problem of getting over the Pennines east of Colne, there's the just as big a problem as getting all the traffic from Shipley around the north of Leeds to hit the A64 / A1. Although such a relief road has been planned in the past.
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Re: Parallel route to M62, for Bradford / Leeds / York ?

Postby stu531 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 16:35

It has, although getting around Shipley and north Leeds can't be any different conceptually to that of the M60 around the South of Manchester - although Bradford/Leeds is probably longer.

It really needs it - to get from north of Bradford (say, Keighley/Bingley/Shipley areas) to the M62 takes an age. For such a highly populated urban area, it's got lousy connections. Aside from the A650 there isn't a decent bit of dual for miles.

For me, extending the M65 eastwards would be a great priority and an economic boost. It'd also give some significance to Leeds/Bradford airport if it went thataway.

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Re: Parallel route to M62, for Bradford / Leeds / York ?

Postby Rillington » Thu Mar 08, 2012 16:45

I agree about extending the M65 over the Pennies to Yorkshire. Ideally it should go as far as the M1 or A1M east of Leeds, incorporating the A650 Bingley bypass.

Also, I agree that it should go close to Leeds/Bradford Airport because the links to the airport right now are not ideal, either by car or public transport as it's almost impossible to get to Leeds/Bradford Airport via rail.

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