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Local Road Projects

Post by crowntown100 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 22:05

I thought this could be a good idea. Most of you will have small road projects going on locally that aren't really worth their own thread, but are still important and yet the majority of us don't get to hear about.

I'll start with a few going on down here.

Camborne-Pool-Redruth Link Road: It's pretty much what it says on the tin (No pun intended, it's partially built on an old tin mine!). Apart from a couple of new junctions, improvements to a few existing ones and a couple of new stretches of road, it's pretty dull apart from the new Red River Bridge, which is supposed to look like a lot of the railway viaducts down here. It should be interesting to watch as the arches are already up for the rest of it to be built. It'll also be interesting to see how the traffic flows change around the area. I expect the A3047 to become much quieter as people will want to avoid the abomination that is East Hill Junction in Pool.

Truro East P&R: This is pretty boring as it's been on the cards since they first started talking about the West P&R. There is a small realignment to the A390 North-East of Truro with a new junction as well as improvements to the existing A39-A390 junction with bus lanes and all the rest of it. There's also a new Waitrose and a few dozen houses, obviously! It's just a shame that they cut a load of trees down as you go into Truro as it looked quite nice before!

I don't know if this thread will catch on, but I thought it would be worth a try to see how it goes. There's only one way to find out!

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Re: Local Road Projects

Post by Ben302 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 23:27

Medway hasn't really got a lot going on at the moment but nearing completion is a realignment and reconfiguration of Gillingham Gate, a local at-grade hamburger style junction A289 to provide an additional arm to serve a new Asda.

Also Peters Village is currently being built between Wouldham and Burham which is a development on a former cement works site which will incorporate houses shops and a school, Phase one sees local junction improvements to tie in the development to the existing rural road network and onto the A229 at Kits Coty, which are nearing completion. The most significant part of the project is a new bridge over the River Medway and road which will run from pilgrims Way in Burham and meet the A228 at that roundabout that has no exits. More here

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Re: Local Road Projects

Post by SC2 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:39

The only project of any note in the Derby area I can think of immediately is the T12 Link Road which is nearly done. Aside from that, not much seems to be going on.

From the SABRE Wiki: T12 Link Road :

The T12 Link Road is a new road between Chellaston and Sinfin. Its main purpose is to allow access to a new development in the area. The name comes from the number of the policy which proposed it. It is not currently known if the route will be numbered.

The T12 Link Road is a continuation of Holmleigh Way in Chellaston, which was originally built with the purpose of linking Chellaston to Sinfin. The road

... Read More