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The study of British and Irish roads - their construction, numbering, history, mapping, past and future official roads proposals and general roads musings.

There is a separate forum for Street Furniture (traffic lights, street lights, road signs etc).

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Quick Start Guide

Post by exiled » Tue May 03, 2005 10:10

Here are a few tips for getting started on these boards.

Firstly, please familiarise yourself with our Forum Guidelines and Statements of Practice:

https://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/wiki/ind ... f_practice

In the message entry / edit screen (get there by clicking reply or New topic) you will see a handful of formatting commands. These use BBCode. There is a full guide to BBCode here.

Edited highlights follow:

To post in bold type, type the word that you want to appear in bold, then highlight it and click on the Bold button. In the dit window it will do {b}this{/b}, (except that the curly brackets will be square ones. That would appear like this. Italics and Underline work in the same way.

To quote someone else's message there are two options.

1. In the message you want to quote, click the quote button. This brings up the reply screen with

Code: Select all

[quote="AndyB"]Quoted text[/quote]
which appears as :
AndyB wrote:Quoted text
You can edit the 'Quoted text' so that you only quote the bits you need - just make sure that you have the bits in square brackets at the start and end. If you put ="AndyB" inside the square brackets, the quote will be attributed to Andy.

2. The other way is to click reply, and you get an empty message window.

Copy and paste the text you want to quote into the reply window. Highlight the text, then click the quote button. That will put everything you copied and pasted inside quote tags.

You can also nest quotes like this

Code: Select all

[quote="exiled"][quote="ScottB5411"][quote="orudge"]Original quoted text[/quote]
Second layer of quoted text[/quote]
Third layer of Quoted text[/quote]
exiled wrote:
ScottB5411 wrote:
orudge wrote:Original quoted text
Second layer of quoted text
Third layer of Quoted text

Please use nesting sparingly - it looks messy and takes up unnecessary space in the data base - most of the time it shouldn't be necessary to quote more than one message, particularly if it is the previous one in the thread.

Finally, please do not post long URLs - they make the message boards very wide, and cause people to have to scroll horizontally. Multimap is particularly bad for this.

To post short URLs, type the short text that you want to appear as a link. Then highlight it and click the URL button.

You will get

Code: Select all


Edit this to look like this:

Code: Select all

That should look like this:


If you are using quotes and URL tags, then it is worth previewing your message before posting, to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

For our full forum FAQ's CLICK HERE.
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From the SABRE Wiki: SABRE statements of practice :

SABRE has a number of statements of general practice, all shown on this page.

SABRE is a site for discussion, education and research about roads. The forums are an opportunity for reasoned, open and constructive discussion and debate among people of all ages, occupations and backgrounds, and with strong and widely varying opinions. They are not intended for campaigning on pet issues.

We therefore ask you to keep to the following guidelines:

  • Always treat other users with respect, even if
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