Impossible yellow box junction

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Re: Impossible yellow box junction

Post by fras » Thu Apr 29, 2021 00:04

Never forget that the offence for stopping in a yellow box junction is for entering and stopping in the box due to the presence of stationary vehicles. Most people are entirely ignorant of the legal situation, but as enforcement is only done in London, remain so. You can find plenty of threads about YBJ offences in Pepipoo ( in the forum for council tickets and de-criminalised notices.

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Re: Impossible yellow box junction

Post by traffic-light-man » Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:08

Chris5156 wrote:
Wed Apr 28, 2021 20:53
Skipsy wrote:
Wed Apr 28, 2021 19:10
Not impossible for shorter vehicles, but this one on the A219 could easily catch any long vehicle: ... 384!8i8192
The setup itself is weird, with 2 sets of traffic lights next to each other, when surely only 1 is required?
They both always go to red, of course timed in a way that the first set go red first followed by the second
There's a cycle crossing between the two sets of lights, so presumably if you only had the furthest set, stopped traffic would block the cycle route, and if you only had the nearest set you'd lose some queueing space.
I suspect it's essentially a standard exit ped type setup. The cycles and the ped crossing will run at the same time, but the second signals will catch any turning cyclists removing the otherwise cycle/ped conflict. To do away with the second set, you'd have to ban turns for cycles in that direction (which is the traditional solution at a parallel crossing, for instance).
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Re: Impossible yellow box junction

Post by jabbaboy » Wed May 12, 2021 17:25

Even known it's clearly obvious why it's here, this one doesn't work -

All you have instead is a double decker bus blocking 2 lanes since the turn right lights go after the straight ahead sequence. - There's a few of these in North Tyneside aswell which have no purpose at all, someone really needs to explain to the highways team what the yellow box is for.

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