OS Route Planning Maps - annual layers

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OS Route Planning Maps - annual layers

Post by Steven » Fri Jan 01, 2021 07:22

As it's now 2021, SABRE Maps can now offer maps with a copyright date of 1970 - and so as is traditional the first ones to be made available are both the North and South sheets of the relevant Route Planning Map, in this case the 1971 sheets, as usual offering GB-wide coverage and an excellent overview of the major changes that happened during the year.

As usual, there's loads of changes from the previous sheets visible, including:
* Lots of M4 under construction
* The questionable long route of the A951 near Aviemore
* More M9 and M90
* The first appearance of the M73
* The M53 and the classic tunnel mapping error

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Re: 1971 Route Planning Maps

Post by Chris5156 » Fri Jan 01, 2021 09:26

This is great - half the motorway network is under construction! The M4 has huge lengths shown as dotted lines, but there's also long lengths of M3 and M5 too, and a lot of work happening in Scotland. Love it. Thank you!

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Re: 1971 Route Planning Maps

Post by Brenley Corner » Fri Jan 01, 2021 18:15

Great to see these online; interesting to see the M4 showing intermittently along its route. I had assumed as vast sections were under construction in 1971 that the whole route would have been known by the OS.

Also strange to see no A21 Tonbridge Bypass showing as I'm confident that it opened in 1971.

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Ross Spur
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Re: 1971 Route Planning Maps

Post by Ross Spur » Sat Jan 02, 2021 17:13

Brenley Corner wrote:
Fri Jan 01, 2021 18:15
Also strange to see no A21 Tonbridge Bypass showing as I'm confident that it opened in 1971.
Yes, 12 July 1971 (see https://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=A21). Some late 1970 ones are also missing such as Alnwick and Morpeth. They probably did not affect route planning too much but the Tyne Tunnel Northern Approach Road from the A1 (opened in October 1970) was a bit of an omission. The key only has the symbol for motorways under construction and not other roads.


From the SABRE Wiki: A21 :

The A21 is the main arterial route out of London for traffic wishing to head to Hastings. Upgraded piecemeal over the years there are still large parts of it that are unimproved and it is nowhere near the quality of the M23/A23 route to nearby Brighton. .

The A21 begins at a signalised junction with the A20 by Lewisham Station. This was a roundabout until 2016. It

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