1965 Route Planning Map - South (second edition)

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1965 Route Planning Map - South (second edition)

Post by Steven » Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:05

Today's new SABRE Maps addition is the second (or B/*) revision of the 1965 Route Planning Map.

The revised edition is from partway through the year, and shows a number of updates from the original (B) revision, and not surprisingly is halfway between that and the 1966 (C) edition.

Favourite changes (for me, anyway) here are:
* More M1 in Leicestershire, and the first appearance at this scale of the former A46(M).
* The first appearance of M2 J4 - though it doesn't connect to anything yet
* The fixing of the mapping error on the original 1965 edition on the M5 near Bristol

What goodies can you find?

(Incidentally, that map layer is now completed - the was no B/* revision printed of the North Sheet, only the South Sheet)

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