1964 Route Planning Map - A/ Revision

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1964 Route Planning Map - A/ Revision

Post by Steven » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:54

Thanks to a demonstration at yesterday's SABRE Awayday in Stockport, there's a new map appeared on SABRE Maps this morning.

It's the second edition of the 1964 Route Planning Map south sheet, best thought of as a "mid-year" update! The first two editions of the Ordnance Survey Route Planning Map had these second revisions for the southern sheet, and as expected it's smack in the middle of the 1964 and 1965 (first revision) sheets in terms of changes.

My favourite parts so far are:

* More M1 appearing in Leicestershire
* The unbuilt Sprotbrough services on the A1(M) Doncaster Bypass, which are shown (inaccurately) as open on the original 1964 revision has been removed. But if you look closely, the surrounding square of the services symbol is still there!
* And the OS fixed the awful "A1(M)" legends on the original revision.

What else can people find on there?

The map can be found under "OS Ten Mile", then "1964 Route Planning 2nd".

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From the SABRE Wiki: Ordnance Survey Route Planning Map :

The Ordnance Survey Route Planning Map series were the follow-up series to the Ten-Mile Road Map of Great Britain. Compared with the earlier maps they were generally less detailed, with fewer B-roads being shown, and very little detail in urban areas.

They covered Great Britain in two sheets, with Sheet 1 covering Scotland, and England south to roughly a line joining Ravenglass on the Cumberland coast with Ravenscar on the Yorkshire side. Some urban areas (depending on the

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