1934 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain - south sheet

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1934 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain - south sheet

Post by Steven » Sun Dec 10, 2017 15:30

A new layer that has been added to SABRE maps today.

The mid-1930s Ten Mile Road Maps of Great Britain are much rarer than the first edition (1932) that's basically been on SABRE Maps since the very beginning; but I've managed to get hold of some to go on SABRE Maps to go with the 1932 edition, plus the 1939 edition that Cambridge University Library have licenced to us, and the 1944 North sheet that the National Library of Scotland have licensed to us - even if they originally had it listed as a second copy of the 1932 edition until I saw it!

Anyway, the 1934 edition brings us pretty much right up to the 1935 Road numbering revision, which was the one and only time that the entire road numbering system within Great Britain was reviewed - so this shows us pretty much immediately before that change.

The original map itself isn't in the greatest of conditions, so what you see is what you get - there is some damage around fold lines which means that it is missing small sections, and also it means that the process to stitch the map back together again isn't quite as perfect as it usually is.


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From the SABRE Wiki: 1935 Road numbering revision :

here has only been one full revision of the British road numbering system. This took place on 1st April 1935 in England and Wales, and 16th May 1935 for Scotland.

The numbering system was first published in 1922. It was always realised that there would be changes to the scheme, and some blocks of numbers were reserved for future use. However, nobody had anticipated the scale of the changes, particularly in the early days. Almost all changes before 1935

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Re: 1934 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain - south sheet

Post by B1040 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 20:47

Thanks for putting it up. It's an interesting historical document.
Does anyone know why the A1 has a much thicker line than any other A road (including ones like A4 and A2)?

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Re: 1934 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain - south sheet

Post by Ritchie333 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 22:15

Seem to be quite a few changes in Sussex, including the creation of the A2022 (Sussex), A2024,A2027 and A2037. The (original) Colchester Bypass is open, but the map doesn't show the number for the old A12 (IIRC it was A132 + A135, which changed almost immediately after this was published).
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From the SABRE Wiki: A2022 (Sussex) :

The A2022 was originally allocated to Marches Road, a road cutting the corner between the A24 at Kingsfold with the A29 in Northlands, to the north of Horsham.

In the 1922 Road Lists the road was numbered B2132; it gained the A2022 number in 1934. The number did not last long, however, as in [[1935 Road numbering

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