How do I help?

Talk about items you find on SABRE Maps - interesting features, historic road layouts etc. Also contains announcements of new maps available on SABRE Maps.

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How do I help?

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SABRE Maps is always looking for volunteers to help with the project.

This includes:
* People with map collections who are willing to scan their maps, or have their maps scanned for them
* People with some Photoshop (or similar) skills, who can remove the "joins" from old maps that were mounted in sections
* People with software development skills who can help improve the "look" of Maps, as well as potential new features

There are also a number of pages on the Roaders' Digest: The SABRE Wiki to help people see what's on Maps, and how they can help.

Map coverage pages
If you see a map on here that you own, but we don't have, please volunteer to scan it, or allow us to scan it for you. These are currently the types of maps we are putting most effort into:

* Ordnance Survey One-Inch Seventh Series (1950s - 1970s)
* Ordnance Survey One-Inch Fifth Edition (1930s)
* Ordnance Survey Quarter Inch (1920s - 1970s)
* Ministry of Transport Road Map (1922 - 1936)
* Ordnance Survey Ten Mile Road Map of GB / Route Planning Map (1932 onwards)

How to help with Maps
* Adding a map outlines the general processes needed to get a map to appear on SABRE Maps. I'd like to mention again that we're not expecting people to be comfortable with all stages of the process, but if you can simply click on the correct places on a picture of a map, then that's massively helpful to us.
* Map pipeline has a list of the current maps within the "pipeline" to appear on SABRE Maps, and their statuses. Please volunteer for items that need doing either by editing the Wiki page directly, or by sending me a PM.

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From the SABRE Wiki: SABRE Maps/Seventh Series coverage project :
Seventh Series cover
Final series cover

This SABRE Maps Coverage Project is to provide online coverage of the One Inch Seventh Series and associated maps.

This was the first Ordnance Survey mapping at the One Inch scale to be a single series across the whole of Great Britain, and is useful for us to have as it shows mapping at a relatively detailed scale during the major

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