1970 OS Route Planning Map

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1970 OS Route Planning Map

Post by Steven »

New year, new maps dropping out of copyright!

As it's now 2020 (really?), SABRE Maps can now offer maps with a copyright date of 1969 - and so the first ones to be made available are both the North and South sheets of the 1970 Route Planning Map, as usual offering GB-wide coverage and an excellent overview of the major changes that happened during the year.

There's loads of highlights here, and some of my favourites are:

* Our first "London motorway" - the A102(M) Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach
* M6 now shown as under construction from M5 to M1, Penrith Bypass open and the remaining stretch in Westmorland shown as under construction
* M3 under construction
* M5 south of M50 and Cullompton Bypass both shown as under construction
* More A1(M) in County Durham
* More M8 and M9

What's your favourites?

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Re: 1970 OS Route Planning Map

Post by Brenley Corner »

I find it interesting that whilst the M6 Midlands Links and the M3 are shown under construction, there is nothing at all to denote the huge amount of M4 from Maidenhead to Bath that would open at the end of the following year (certainly prior to the M3 and parts of the M6).

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