Trap Streets / Trap Numbers (Maps)

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Trap Streets / Trap Numbers (Maps)

Post by agc2070 »

I was reading the wiki entry for the non-existent A2079 today where it is speculated that it may be a copyright trap on a specific map.

A few other Kent examples I remember from various maps I have had over the years include the A292 through Ashford being shown as the A262, the B2075 being shown as the A2075 and the unclassified road from just west of Tenterden to Cranbrook being shown as a B-road.

Does anybody have any more candidates? Or do all the above sound more like typos / printing errors?
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Re: Trap Streets / Trap Numbers (Maps)

Post by Steven »

agc2070 wrote: Wed Sep 16, 2020 00:19 Or do all the above sound more like typos / printing errors?
They could be either - or they could be short-lived numbers in some cases. The possibility is that a number are simply typos (such as A185(M), A65(M) or A97 (Northern Ireland)) , whilst others (such as A6138(M)) only appear on a single map but make an odd kind of potential sense as being a short-lived real number.

The Wiki generally captures these appearances so that people aren't surprised by them.

There's both Disputed Numbers and Mapping Errors on the subject.

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From the SABRE Wiki: A185(M) :

A185(M) is a mapping error for A194(M) that appears in the 1969 edition of Bartholomew Half Inch sheet 42 (Northumberland).

The number was never officially allocated.

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