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SABRE Maps Co-ordinate Finder

Post by Steven »

I can't believe that there isn't a dedicated thread for the SABRE Maps Co-ordinate Finder, which has been live for quite some time now.

The SABRE Maps Co-ordinate Finder came out of a need for a tool to better help georeference maps with archaic map projections; but it actually does a lot more than just that.

It works off a base map of Great Britain and Ireland, and displays the location of the mouse cursor in many different co-ordinate systems, with the current list being:

Ordnance Survey Great Britain
National Grid Reference (10 figures)
National Grid Co-ordinate

Ordnance Survey Ireland and OS Northern Ireland
Irish Grid Reference (10 figures)
Irish Grid Co-ordinate
Irish Transverse Mercator Grid

Other co-ordinate systems
WGS84 Lat/Lon
OSGB36 Lat/Lon
ED50 Lat/Lon
ED50/UTM Zone 29N Co-ordinates
ED50/UTM Zone 30N Co-ordinates
ED50/UTM Zone 31N Co-ordinates

Archaic Ordnance Survey Great Britain
National Yard Grid Co-ordinate
Cassini (Delamere)
Bonne (Scotland)
Cassini (War Office) Grid
Cassini (War Office) Co-ordinates

Archaic Ordnance Survey Ireland and OS Northern Ireland
Bonne (Ireland)
War Office Irish Grid
War Office Irish Co-ordinates

In addition to the "live" co-ordinate display, if you click on a location within the map, it gives a subset of these (including 6 figure Grid references for both GB and Ireland) within a popup window that can be easily copied from for any use required.

And on top of all that lot, if you click on the diamond-shaped menu at the top right, it will give you options to display on the map a wide selection of map sheet boundaries from OSGB, OSNI and OSI; to which this morning has been added a bunch of OpenData sheets such as OpenMap Local and VectorMap District.

Further information about the SABRE Maps Co-ordinate Finder can be found on its dedicated page on the SABRE Wiki at SABRE Maps/Co-ordinate Finder.

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From the SABRE Wiki: SABRE Maps/Co-ordinate Finder :

The SABRE Maps Co-ordinate Finder is a sub-project of SABRE Maps.

The Co-ordinate Finder grew out of a need for identifying the co-ordinates of any particular location within Great Britain and Ireland in order to be able to more easily bring historic mapping to SABRE Maps.

Whilst there are a number of other applications on the Internet that provide similar functionality for modern co-ordinate systems such as WGS84 Latitute/Longitude, the OSGB National Grid and the Irish Grid; the

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Re: SABRE Maps Co-ordinate Finder

Post by Truvelo »

Basic coordinates were always available by clicking anywhere on the map and they would show below the menu. I wasn't aware of this more detailed version. I'm very surprised to see what3words supported which is a very useful addition.
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