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Re: Wiki Project - road signs

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Sorry for the slow response :|

Yeah, that's the sort of thing I meant.
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Re: Wiki Project - road signs

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I've had a look at this project again, and had a go at adding some more information, creating Warning Sign/Opening Bridge. This isn't my area of expertise though, so I'll need some assistance with filling it out.

What would be useful is to put together a progress chart, to see where we are and what's needs doing. At the moment, aside from the redlinks I can see at the bottom of the warning sign pages, it's not particularly obvious what we're lacking on.
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From the SABRE Wiki: Warning Sign/Opening Bridge :

The Opening or Swing Bridge sign is used for any bridge where there is not a permanent link for traffic, and flow can be disrupted to let water traffic through instead.

The early version of this sign was simply a warning triangle with the text "SWING BRIDGE" below it.

The sign introduced in 1964 is an warning triangle depicting an open bridge. It uses TSRGD diagram 529.

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