B753 Coatbridge

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B753 Coatbridge

Post by rileyrob » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:43

Following the recent addition of the 1936 10 mile map to Sabre Maps, I've noticed that the B753 to the south of Coatbridge Town Centre is coloured Red, as in an A road, on the 1932 and 1936 sheets. The route still largely follows its 1922 route, and is back to purple on the 1939 sheet.
I've looked on old-maps, and the only clear and relevant sheet is the 1936-39 1:2500, which shows the western part of the loop as the B753, and the eastern half (erroneously?) as the B758. the 1935-8 1:10560 seems to say B753 at the eastern end of the route. However, both these maps probably post-date 1936, as they seem to show the A89 in place of the A8.

My thought, therefore, is is it possible that the B753 was temporarily upgraded to an A road to help take traffic away from Coatbridge town centre, prior to the opening of the Glasgow - Edinburgh new A8 route? If so, it could account for one of the A80xx numbers which are so far unaccounted for (or even the original A898?). Or was it just a mapping error?
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From the SABRE Wiki: B753 :

The B753 is described in the 1922 Road Lists as Bye-Pass S. of Coatbridge.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A89 (former A8). It heads south along the largely residential Dundyvan Road to go under two railway lines and turn easterly. After more housing it reaches a roundabout on the A725 opposite Whifflet station.

Originally the B753 ended here; however,

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