DfT card index of road numbers

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DfT card index of road numbers

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Many years ago someone on SABRE obtained a digital copy of the then-DETR's card index of road numbers, which was supposedly the definitive list at that time. It's alluded to on various old threads, and several wiki pages refer to it as well, like the one for the A6180.

But I can't find it anywhere!

It seems odd that we'd reference it but not actually have it available - does anyone still have a copy? And should it be on the wiki, or is there a copyright issue at play?

Thanks :D

From the SABRE Wiki: A6180 :

The A6180 is listed in the DfT Card Index as Romily - Bredbury. making it a short link road in east Cheshire.

The obvious route for a link between the two places is along what is now the southern end of the A6017. This road was originally the western end of the B6104 and is separated from the remainder of the A6017 by a multiplex along the

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