1936 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain

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1936 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain

Post by Steven » Fri Nov 02, 2018 21:47

And just like buses, when you get one, you get a whole collection of them!

Following the addition of the 1933 Ten Mile Road Map South Sheet a few days ago, today sees the addition of the 1936 edition, and with both the North and South sheets available, it gives us full GB coverage of the road network as it looked immediately following the 1935 Road numbering revision. As such, a large number of changes can be seen from the 1932 edition for the northern half of GB, and from the 1934 edition from the southern half. Once again, the Ten Mile scale means that whilst they're not the most detailed mapping ever (to say the least...), they are excellent to get a wide-angle view of the network.

This brings us up to 8 different maps available on SABRE Maps from the 1930s.

I hope you all enjoy them, and let us know below what you find!

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From the SABRE Wiki: 1935 Road numbering revision :

here has only been one full revision of the British road numbering system. This took place on 1st April 1935 in England and Wales, and 16th May 1935 for Scotland.

The numbering system was first published in 1922. It was always realised that there would be changes to the scheme, and some blocks of numbers were reserved for future use. However, nobody had anticipated the scale of the changes, particularly in the early days. Almost all changes before 1935

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Re: 1936 Ten Mile Road Map of Great Britain

Post by rileyrob » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:17

I have spotted a tiny little detail on this map, which could just be a mapping error around Linlithgow:
1932 - the northern part of the B8029 is shown as unnumbered, with the implication it is part of the B825, although as far as we are aware, the B8029 has only been used in Linlithgow, and the sequence means it predates 1932. If it isn't part of the B825, and the mapping is correct in that it is only the northern part, it should have a B9xx/x number.
1936 - the northern part of the B8029 has disappeared, but the southern part is shown as an unnumbered A road
1939 - The B8029 is back and complete although still unnumbered.

Old maps only have a partial 1938 1:10560, showing the B8029 number at the northern A706 junction.

I know it's a long shot, but any further info would be very interesting!
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From the SABRE Wiki: B8029 :

The B8029 is a short road around the western edge of Linlithgow. It was originally unclassified but appears to have gained its number by 1932.

The road starts on the A706 a little to the north of Linlithgow and heads west, before turning sharply southwards. It then crosses the M9 and enters the town, with an industrial estate on the right and houses to the left. This area is

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