Aberdeenshire: New B Roads

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Aberdeenshire: New B Roads

Post by Euan » Thu Nov 21, 2019 07:39

Yesterday evening I was leisurely browsing through Aberdeenshire’s road lists and a few B numbers on the lists caught my eye. After investigating further it looks as if a few routes within Aberdeenshire have fairly recently had their classifications changed to take into account perceived changes in traffic demands brought about by the opening of the AWPR. Overall I managed to find four new B roads as follows:

:arrow: B9144: Blackhall Road and West High Street, Inverurie, previously the B9170. Also, the B9001 has been rerouted onto Burghmuir Drive with North Street being downgraded to class III.
:arrow: B9172: Aberdeen Road east of Huntly, but only as far as the railway station just before Bogie Bridge. The remainder of the former A920 along Bogie Street and Duke Street towards The Square has become unclassified.
:arrow: B9173: George V Avenue and Gordon Street, Huntly, previously the A97.
:arrow: B9178: South Bay Access Road, Peterhead, previously unclassified. This number appears to clash with the existing B9178 at Dulnain Bridge, often mapped as a spur of the A938. Perhaps the latest addition to SABRE’s long list of duplicated numbers...?

The full details of the changes can be found here:
http://committees.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/ ... FileFromDB
https://committees.aberdeenshire.gov.uk ... FileFromDB
https://committees.aberdeenshire.gov.uk ... FileFromDB

According to the wiki there aren’t any known former allocations of the B9144, B9172 or B9173 numbers, but the duplication of the B9178 number is interesting and may raise the question of whether the “old” one is really only seen as part of the A938. I have yet to see any of these new numbers on any maps, although the old A920 to the east of Huntly has in the past been shown as non A-class on some maps.
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From the SABRE Wiki: B9178 :

The B9178, formerly the highest-numbered road in the UK, is a short road between the A938 and A95 near Dulnain Bridge in Strathspey. It forms some of the southern section of what was the A95 through the village before the bypass of this route was constructed, the northern section becoming a continuation of the A938.

The number for this route isn't obvious on the ground or

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