Can this be an article?

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Can this be an article?

Post by Berrely » Sat Oct 24, 2020 13:07

So I'm working on a list (currently in User:Berrely/sandbox) and was thinking about whether it may be allowed on wiki. Is it?
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Re: Can this be an article?

Post by c2R » Sat Oct 24, 2020 19:14

It looks good, I'll have a think about where it could go in the structure.

Edit - I've moved it to List of Street Furniture Manufacturers, added standard templates, and a disclaimer distancing SABRE from the reccommendation (or not) of any of the suppliers listed.
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From the SABRE Wiki: List of Street Furniture Manufacturers :

n the United Kingdom, there are thousands of road sign, street furniture and lighting manufacturers. Some of these companies are in administration or defunct, others are not. This list of street furniture manufacturers in the United Kingdom serves to help document these companies. Please note that the information given is for historical and research purposes only, and no recommendation is made about the suitability, quality, or trading status of the providers listed below by SABRE.

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