A82/A8082 junctions

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A82/A8082 junctions

Post by SteelCamel »

I was looking at updating the C1118 (Highland) article to reflect that the realignment to the new roundabout has now happened. However, I'm unsure of the identities of the roads it meets at Torvean Roundabout.

The A8082 article seems non-committal as to where exactly the northern end of that road is, saying "on the A82" but not specifying at which junction. The map trace shows it terminating at Queens Park roundabout, but the "Junctions of the A8082" box includes all three roundabouts. The Queens Park Roundabout article states that all three arms at that roundabout are A8082 - so the A8082 forks there and terminates on both Tomnahurich and Torvean roundabouts, and the articles on those roundabouts agree.

The signage, however, disagrees. The current signs show A82 between Tomnahurich and Queens Park Roundabout northbound, and (A8082) southbound. The full signage here (thanks Glen!) shows un-bracketed "A82" on all sides of the triangle, and A8082 is always bracketed (except leaving Queens Park towards Holm Mills).

So it looks to me as if the existing articles are wrong, and the A8082 terminates at Queens Park Roundabout, with the A82 forking to cross both bridges in a triangle. But before I plough in and start editing, could I see if others agree that this is the case?
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Re: A82/A8082 junctions

Post by Glen »

The other planning document shows that both bridges and all three roundabouts will be part of the trunk road, and the signs show all three sides of the triangle as primary. So it looks like the A8082 will end at Queens Park Roundabout.
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